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إيجارات البيوت الصيفية في سينترا

إيجاد وحجز أماكن إقامة فريدة على Airbnb

إيجارات العطلات الأعلى تصنيفًا في سينترا

يوافق الضيوف على أن: هذه الإقامات مصنفة بدرجة عالية بناءًا على الموقع والنظافة وغيرها.

جنة الحديقة مع بيت الضيف بالقرب من سينترا
فيلا بالكامل · 5 ضيوف · 4 أسرّة · حمامان 2

جنة الحديقة مع بيت الضيف بالقرب من سينترااستكشف مدينة سنترا التاريخية ، ثم استرح بجوار حمام السباحة في كوينتا عائلة من القرن التاسع عشر في محيط مثالي. استخدم الخضروات والأعشاب المحلية لتناول عشاء منزلي في الفناء المنعزل ، أو غامر بالدخول إلى لشبونة.

مزرعة عضوية تطل على جبال سينترا
مضيف متميز
بيت سكني بالكامل · 6 ضيوف · 3 أسرّة · حمام واحد

مزرعة عضوية تطل على جبال سينتراالشقة جاهزة لاستيعاب 4/6 أشخاص وهي جزء من المسكن الذي يمتلكه مالكو العقار. تتكون من: غرفة معيشة مع سرير أريكة وتلفزيون ومدفأة. غرفتا نوم بسرير مزدوج ، واحدة مع اتصال مباشر بالحمام. مطبخ مجهز ، بما في ذلك الغسالة ، مع منطقة طعام مستقلة تتسع من 6 إلى 8 أشخاص.

فيلا ماجويتو
مضيف متميز
بيت سكني بالكامل · 6 ضيوف · 4 أسرّة · 1.5 حمام

فيلا ماجويتومنزل ذو وجه جنوبي مع الكثير من الإضاءة ، مثالي للاسترخاء والاستحمام تحت أشعة الشمس بجوار حمام السباحة. وهي تقع على بعد 5 كيلومترات من شاطئ ماغويتو ، و 7 كيلومترات من سينترا و 27 كيلومترا من لشبونة.

إيجارات العطلات لكل الأنماط

احصل على مسكن المناسبة لك.

  • البيوت
  • الفنادق
  • إقامات فريدة

الميزات الشائعة في إيجارات العطلات في سينترا

  • مطبخ
  • واي فاي
  • مسبح
  • مواقف سيارات مجانية في الأبنية
  • مكيف

أماكن تأجير عطلات رائعة أخرى في سينترا

مضيف متميز
  1. جناح الضيف بالكامل
  2. Colares
كوارتو بيريكا ، جناح مذهل على جبل سينترا
$82 لليلة
  1. وحدة تأجير بالكامل
  2. سينترا
Lovely House in Sintra
$60 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. بيت سكني بالكامل
  2. Colares
Casa do Poente 'Westside House'
$88 لليلة
  1. كوخ بالكامل
  2. Colares
بيت شاطئي ساحر فريد على المحيط الأطلسي
$287 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. فيلا بالكامل
  2. Colares
بيت الدمى على البحر - WCDS - مكافحة COV 19 ON
$166 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. وحدة تأجير بالكامل
  2. إستوريل
Stunning sea view beach apartment-Estoril, Lisbon
$71 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. شقة مشتركة (شقة مشتركة) بالكامل
  2. سينترا
Casa da Praia
$91 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. بيت الضيوف بالكامل
  2. Alcabideche
Anexo/Apartamento T2 "Almost by the sea"
$72 لليلة
  1. بيت سكني بالكامل
  2. كاسكايس
Charme & Design em Casa com Piscina e Vista Magnífica de Mar e Montanha
$297 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. شقّة علوّية بالكامل
  2. Colares
Casa Concha
$44 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. شقّة علوّية بالكامل
  2. سينترا
سينترا سويت لوفت
$64 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. طاحونة هواء
  2. São João das Lampas
La Galette - Sintra Windmill AL
$102 لليلة

أفضل الأنشطة في سينترا

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Get lost in Sintra, with a local
    Come with us and explore Sintra through the eyes of a local, exploring genuine out of the beaten track places, avoiding the crowds of mass tourism, without missing the main attractions. We will start by approaching the cultural part, knowing Sintra’s fascinating history and development while seeing it’s most iconic monuments. You will get lost in QUINTA DA REGALEIRA magic gardens. ( Guided tour insed not included) Then we will STOP FOR A NICE TYPICAL LUNCH on one of my favorite local family’s restaurants. After this I will take you to the place that saw me grow, a ROMANTIC PICTUREQUE VILLAGE (is like turning the clock back a few 100 years), on the top off the mountain with privileged views to the region where we can enjoy some peace and quiet! At last we will do an OFF ROAD SAFARI, discovering the most hidden places in the natural park and coast line, where we can feel the true magic of Sintra, admiring beautiful scenic viewpoints lost in nature to places like CABO DA ROCA, ADRAGA BEACH and MORE ( I don’t tell more because I wanna keep them secret). This experience is a product of my entire life, my passions, my love for nature and culture. Designed for you to understand why Sintra is such a magical place and why the special relationship between men and this place. Will be an unforgettable day:) Other things to note Lunch and Tickets are not included. The experience finish time can vary
    ابتداءً من السعر:$57 / شخص
  • Discover Sintra & Cascais with a local
    (I have an online experience on Airbnb about Portugal's History, if you are planning on coming to Portugal that may be a fun and engaging starting point! Take a look: https://www.airbnb.pt/experiences/1936561 ) Sintra is an enchanted place. Not even the most romantic poet could fully describe its beauty. A fascinating combination of episodes, some natural and others historical, that produced a remarkable result. From a king who was more interested in gardening than in politics, to an extravagant Brazilian merchant who decided to build in the garden of his palace a spiral that falls into darkness. We will walk through these stories while exploring the viewpoints and hidden places that allow us to see the many faces of Sintra. In the morning I will challenge you to explore the mysterious Quinta da Regaleira, so you can plunge into the darkness. After lunch, we will stop at the colorful and emblematic Pena Palace, which offers incredible views from the top of the mountain. We will also visit the westernmost point of the European continent and cross the magical mountain forest on our way to the Pena Palace. The perfect finale will be the coastal ride that will take us to the beautiful town of Cascais. IMPORTANT NOTES: - For groups of 4 to 8 people, I will offer to pick up and drop off in Lisbon for free - Entrance fees, food and beverages are not included
    ابتداءً من السعر:$54 / شخص
  • Millennial & sustainable recipe Portugal
    Learn about Portuguese gastronomy and its deep roots with nature and history. In this virtual cooking lesson and shared dining experience, you’ll learn how to make a classic and traditional Portuguese dish full of flavor and rich in nutrients that our body needs. “Peixinhos da horta,” or “little fish from the garden,” reflects the beauty of Portuguese nature and all it has to offer. It’s a delicious and easy-to-make vegetarian or vegan dish that is beloved by all. This recipe can be accompanied in many ways, and I will share his secrets with you in order to have different ideas for your healthy and creative meals. As soon as you book you will receive a message with the quantities of all the ingredients and equipment needed for this experience. After we’ve prepared this tasty dish, we’ll talk and share a meal while toasting to life. We’ll talk more about Portugal, sustainability, and how we can all live more in harmony with nature and our planet. This Experience is great for: *** TEAM-BUILDING. Book a private experience for your group. Is your group larger than my listed max group size for private groups? Send me a message. ** families with children and larger group settings, this experience allows us to connect even while we’re apart. * Adapts to people with vegan and gluten free food.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$22 / شخص
  • Sintra with a Local (Pick up Lisbon)
    Hi everyone!! I'm António ! The idea of this experience is to provide the best possible full day in our hometown. Knowing Sintra like the back of my hands and all the magic it has to offer we came up with what we believe to be the most amazing and complete way of experiencing its wonders in one full day! - We will start the day at your Hotel/AirBnb and drive for about 30 min until we arrive in Sintra - Our first stop will be at the historic center of Sintra to discover its beautiful labyrinth like streets. We will talk about what makes Sintra so special while discovering its secrets and taste its unique pastry. - We will then discover the Palace of Quinta da Regaleira and get lost in its 4 hectares of mysticism and romantic arquitecture and gardens. - From here we will go through the very picturesque and hidden towns of Colares and Penedo to reach the beautifull views over the coastline and the village of Azenhas do Mar. - On the coastline we will discover the hidden gems of this stretch of coast, far from the crowds, before arriving in Cabo da Roca for a view of the westernmost point of continental Europe. -We will then have the best postcard like views of the Pena Palace and finish the tour with a visit to this unique romantic Palace. :) Other things to note Pick up and drop off at your place in Lisbon or Sintra Meals and Monuments fees are not included.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$63 / شخص
  • Sintra Stories - Lisbon meeting point
    Hey! We will go to Sintra in our van for an amazing day, having a conversation about its most famous Stories! I will give you a booklet with our stories and illustrations, and a map to keep you oriented through the whole trip! First we will go to the Village center to see the National Palace and talk about our King D. Manuel I, then we will try the famous sweets from Sintra, the "Queijada" and the "travesseiro". After we will go to the amazing Palace of Regaleira, where we will visit its amazing gardens full of caves, waterfalls and secret tunnels that hide all the meanings of free masonry and speak about its creator, António Monteiro. Then we will head to the amazing forest of Sintra (where we can have a small picnic) and we will stop on a view point to see the beautiful palace of Pena, the icon of the Romantic age in Portugal and Europe. We will then head to "Cabo da Roca", the western most point of Europe, and feel the Ocean and its amazing cliffs! In the end we will come back to Lisbon by the Portuguese "Riviera" checking all the great beaches in our coast! We will leave you back in the city center with all the Stories we shared! ( You will have free Wi fi :) ) Other things to note - Entrance fee to Regaleira Palace is not included (8 euros). - Lunch is not included. - Please be aware that this experience can end up later then advertised! - You will have free WiFi access!
    ابتداءً من السعر:$54 / شخص

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