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كوخ · 5 ضيوف · 6 أسرّة · حمام واحد

一軒家貸切の古民家リノベーションホテル*姫路駅から徒歩5分*古き良き風情が残る二階町商店街。 そんなところに位置する、古民家を洋風に1からリノベーションしました。 周りには、様々な店舗も取り揃っておりますので、不自由することはありません。 姫路駅から徒歩約5分、そして姫路城へも徒歩約5分で行っていただけます。

كوخ · 7 ضيوف · 4 أسرّة · حمام واحد

"姫路駅から徒歩5分"一棟貸切の古民家リノベーションホテル戦前には、当時の交通軸であったみゆき通りよりも賑わい、播磨地方きっての商業地であった二階町商店街。 しかしながら、近年加速した姫路駅周辺への商業施設集中、更には商業施設の郊外分散もあいまって、以前の盛り上がりは冷え込みつつあります。 そんな古き良き商店街に位置する築45年の古民家。 思い切って一軒丸ごとリノベーションしました。 ◎「建物の作りは出来るだけ変えることなく、そのままに」 家族旅行や女子会旅行に、2階建ての客室は、7名まで宿泊可能なので、大人数のグループ旅行やご家族での滞在におすすめです。 和室は、「まるで修学旅行に来たみたい」と幅広い年代から好評をいただいております。 また、本館1階チェックイン受付場所には播磨地方のお酒も取り揃えたBARも併設しており、地元の方々との交流を深めることも可能です。 ビジネスでの長期滞在にも柔軟に対応致しますので、お気軽にお問い合わせ下さいませ。 ONE Hostel Himeji

Hotel Fosse Himeji☆Renewal open in 2021
غرفة فندقية · ضيفان 2 · سرير 1 · حمام واحد خاص

Hotel Fosse Himeji☆Renewal open in 20211. موقع جيد!!! 2. افتتح في عام 2021!!! يتم تشغيله بواسطة محترف! [موقع جيد] [افتتح في عام 2021] تم افتتاح هذا الفندق في عام 2021. الطاقم الأمامي مفتوح على مدار الساعة. الميزات متوفرة مثل فرشاة الأسنان. [يديرها محترف!] نحن Goto Lc. معتمدين رسميًا من قبل Airbnb. ننتج لك "مساحة فاخرة وتجربة رائعة ".

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مضيف متميز
  1. بيت سكني بالكامل
  2. 宍粟市
7PAX Japanese house Wz Cypress bath&Souna!
$528 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. غرفة خاصة
  2. 姫路市
Private Room at Traditional Space GREAT LOCATION!!
$38 لليلة
  1. غرفة فندقية
  2. Himeji-shi
10 دقائق سيرًا على الأقدام إلى قلعة هيميجي ، غرفة خاصة لمدة 1-2
$43 لليلة
  1. غرفة فندقية
  2. Himeji Shi
Hotel Fosse Himeji☆Renewal open in 2021 / Smoking
$74 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. غرفة خاصة
  2. Himeji
HimejiGREAT LOCATION!!6ppl2 bed rooms
$123 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. غرفة فندقية
  2. Himeji-shi
GUESTHOUSE HIDEOUT One building rent guesthouse
$164 لليلة
  1. غرفة فندقية
  2. Himeji-shi
10min walk to Himeji Castle,Private Room for 2-4
$95 لليلة
لا توجد تقييمات بعد
  1. غرفة خاصة
  2. Shiso
Yamazaki Ryokan Q [Moegi] Japanese-Style Room
$197 لليلة
  1. غرفة فندقية
  2. Himeji-shi
سرير "وان" HOSTEL & STANDINGBAR رقم 7
$27 لليلة
  1. كوخ
  2. Kamikawa-chō, Kanzaki-gun
1日1組限定★手作りパンの朝ごはんが食べれる宿 Coddy's house
$45 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. غرفة مشتركة
  2. Himeji-shi
$25 لليلة
  1. غرفة فندقية
  2. 姫路市
7min->JRHimeji Sta/SemiDouble B/NoSmoke/NoMeal
$50 لليلة

أفضل الأنشطة في Himeji

أنشطة فريدة يستضيفها خبراء محليون تم التحقق من جودتها

  • Mindfulness Tea Ceremony
    Japanese tea ceremony can be enjoyed not only in a Japanese traditional tatami-mat room but also at a table and chairs in your house! Japanese tea ceremony is not only about making and drinking tasty matcha tea but also about calming the mind and the heart, focusing your heart on what's in front of you, and living in the moment. In a way, this is Zen meditation through tea. This experience is also great for team building. In this online lesson, we will proceed as follows: 1) We first introduce ourselves. I would love to know how you got interested in Japanese tea ceremony. 2) I will explain the background history and the important basic philosophy of Zen Buddhism for better understanding of Japanese tea ceremony. 3) I will demonstrate the modern table tea ceremony, and if you have your own matcha set (detail listed below) please follow what I do and I will also explain tips to make a tasty matcha. In that case please prepare your matcha tea set prior to the session. But this is optional, so if you don't have any match tea set, please enjoy watching the choreographed movements, which are very calming. 4) Question and Answer time Other things to note Please remember to have your computer/phone/tablet charged or plugged.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$19 / شخص
  • Sake tasting at local breweries Kobe
    I welcome you to my sake tasting experience in Kobe. We'll explore at least four of my favorite breweries in Nada area. I'm passionate about sake, and I’d like to share with you the process of sake making, comparing different kinds and brands. You will taste the differences between sakes—the highest quality, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and many other seasonable sakes. We'll also visit a special brewery, founded over 250 years ago, that still makes sake in small batches. It is the one of the smallest breweries around here. You will get to know the production method, while getting a feel for the deliciousness by actually tasting freshly made sake. Finally, we'll visit an innovative brewery that makes brandy, sherry, Chardonnay in sake and citrus fruit sakes. Other things to note Please eat something before drinking sake! The transportation fee is not included. We walk around 3km, I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes. Please bring a backpack for souvenir sake bottles.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$54 / شخص
  • Three different types of RAMEN cooking
    There are many kinds of Japanese ramen. Just by changing seasonings and ingredients, you can enjoy a variety of rich flavors. The experience starts at making noodles from scratch. After that, you learn how to make three types of soup and delicious topping ingredients. In the main section of this experience, You make three kinds of small size ramen. (The total amount of noodles is 100g) 1. Salt Ramen Topping: juicy sweet pork, bean sprouts, seaweed 2. Soy sauce Ramen Topping: steamed cabbage, green vegetables, sweet corn 3. Miso Ramen Topping: Spicy chicken, boiled eggs, green onion *If you do not like the spicy taste, you can choose not to spice. At the end, place the dishes, along with chopsticks and let's say “Itadakimasu”! Please enjoy the meal you made served with the complimentary dessert. Other things to note You don't need to bring anything. Please let me know if you have any food restrictions in advance. The original capacity of this experience is 8 people, but now we are limited to 4 people to keep a social distance. If you would like to have more than 5 people per group, please contact us in advance.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$90 / شخص
  • Complete Guide to Geisha Culture
    This experience is organized so you can fully understand the REAL Geisha culture (not what is falsely described in some famous movie...) and get ready to fully enjoy the special moment at Geisha entertainment when you attend one in the future. Based on my experience of attending Geisha entertainment dinner/experience numerous times in Kyoto for work, I will explain real Geisha culture using photos and videos. 1) Self introduction of myself and guests 2) Definition of "Geisha" 3) History of Geisha culture -- how it started, how it developed, and how it is today 4) What kind of arts and training involved, what kind of work involved, what kind of daily schedule they have 5) What to expect if you attend a geisha entertainment -- short one for tourists, long one over dinner, and authentic one with local patrons 6) Let's practice games that guests to Geisha entertainment dinner/experience typically play with Geishas so you can fully enjoy the experience when you attend one in the future! 7) Question and Answer time
    ابتداءً من السعر:$17 / شخص
  • Tasty Tempura and dipping sauce
    STEP1 : Learn about the secrets of Dashi and Umami; You'll start making traditional Japanese Dashi (broth) which supports wide variety of Japanese dishes. The Dashi contains plenty of Umami! Umami is one of the sense of taste. Let's make delicious Dashi using kelp and bonito, and then make clear soup and tempura dipping sauce from the Dashi! STEP2 : Making Tempura; Share some tips and techniques for making crispy Tempura, then you'll make tempura on your own! We'll prepare 6 kinds of ingredients for your Tempura. *We can arrange it to vegetarian / Vegan meal upon your request. STEP3 : Presentation and enjoy the meal; You’ll beautifully serve the tempura you make. We'll give you a hint of tempura presentation. Don't forget to take photos of the finished dishes. Please enjoy the meal you made! Other things to note You don't need to bring anything. Please let me know if you have any food restrictions in advance. The original capacity of this experience is 8 people, but now we are limited to 4 people to keep a social distance. If you would like to have more than 5 people per group, please contact us in advance.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$71 / شخص

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