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إيجارات البيوت الصيفية في Kent

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إيجارات العطلات الأعلى تصنيفًا في Kent

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Blackthorn is a luxurious, rural retreat for two.
مضيف متميز
كوخ بالكامل · ضيفان 2 · سرير 1 · حمامان 2

Blackthorn is a luxurious, rural retreat for two.بلاكثورن هو ملاذ فاخر لشخصين. يقع العقار الملحق بمنزل المالك على حافة قرية إكليشام ، ويقع في منتصف الطريق بين مدينتي راي وهاستينغز القديمتين. هناك إطلالة بعيدة على البحر ، والحديقة محاطة بريف AONB الجميل. يحتوي الكوخ على شرفة خاصة تواجه الجنوب ، ويرحب بالضيوف باستخدام حمام السباحة الداخلي الدافئ والحوض الساخن في الهواء الطلق طوال فترة إقامتهم ولكن حصريًا بين الساعة 8: 00 صباحًا و8: 00 مساءً.

Traditional Log Cabin On The Lake
مضيف متميز
إقامة في مزرعة · ضيفان 2 · سرير 1 · حمام واحد

Traditional Log Cabin On The Lakeكوخ خشبي تقليدي مريح خاص على البحيرة ، محاط بالريف الجميل. استمتع بالسلام الرائع وابتعد عن كل شيء في منطقة ذات جمال طبيعي متميز ، ولكن على بعد عشر دقائق فقط بالسيارة من رويال تونبريدج ويلز ، مع كل الثقافة والبارات والمطاعم والمتاجر. تحتوي قرية لامبرهرست الجميلة على الكثير من الحانات التي تقدم أطعمة عالية الجودة وبيع محلي. القطارات المتجهة إلى لندن تبعد ساعة واحدة عن محطة فرانت. تشمل المعالم السياحية القريبة قلعة سكوتني وبيول ووتر وبيدجبري بينيتوم.

The Granary
كوخ بالكامل · ضيفان 2 · سرير 1 · حمام واحد

The Granaryمبنى من طابقين ذاتي الاحتواء في حديقة عقار سكني يقع في واي ، وهي منطقة ذات جمال طبيعي رائع. تبعد محطة القطار 10 دقائق فقط سيرًا على الأقدام ، مقابل حانة محلية شهيرة وتقع على مقربة من جميع وسائل الراحة المحلية في القرية. هذا مكان رائع لاستخدامه كقاعدة لاستكشاف الريف الجميل في نورث داونز ، سواء على الأقدام أو الدراجة ، وعلى مقربة من شواطئ الساحل الجنوبي ومدينة كانتربري التاريخية.

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أماكن تأجير عطلات رائعة أخرى في Kent

مضيف متميز
  1. المنزل الصغير
  2. Horsmonden
The Pepperpot - 1 bedroom cottage
$65 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. كوخ بالكامل
  2. Rotherfield
The Granary at Coes Vineyard, East Sussex
$184 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. كوخ بالكامل
  2. Frant
Cosy Character Cottage
$115 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. كوخ بالكامل
  2. Sandhurst
The Cabin - a little ranch house. A peaceful haven
$84 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. كوخ بالكامل
  2. Oare
Twitchers Cottage Oare - Nature on your doorstep
$116 لليلة
  1. وحدة تأجير بالكامل
  2. Herne Bay
Herne Bay Coastal Retreat with Sweeping Sea Views
$125 لليلة
  1. بيت بأكمله
  2. Temple Ewell
The Cabin - Luxury self catering with hot tub.
$215 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. بيت سكني بالكامل
  2. كينت
Rose Mews Central Broadstairs
$109 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. بيت بأكمله
  2. Lynsted
Erriottwood Cottage - A Secluded Country Hideaway
$240 لليلة
  1. كوخ بالكامل
  2. Maidstone, Kent
Cosy Countryside Lodge with Alfresco Hottub
$193 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. كوخ بالكامل
  2. Ticehurst
Marble Cottage ~ Nature Retreat with Waterviews
$165 لليلة
مضيف متميز
  1. كوخ بالكامل
  2. Staplehurst
The Hop Barn - Kent countryside getaway
$151 لليلة

أفضل الأنشطة في Kent

أنشطة فريدة يستضيفها خبراء محليون تم التحقق من جودتها

  • Brewery & Distillery tour and tasting
    Multi award winning Canterbury Brewers & Distillers will run you through our craft process of handmade grain to glass beers and spirits. Taste a selection of our beers and spirits and we will educate you on how they were made and how they got their name. Many involve the amazing history of our Victorian Foundry building we call home.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$33 / شخص
  • Forest Bathing / Shinrin-Yoku
    Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) is a traditional Japanese awareness meditation, proven to be a profound antidote to anxiety, depression, fear and tension. You will be taken upon a simple forest walk, whereupon your guide, Helena, will facilitate and enable a sensual immersive experience, whereby the forest languages of renewal, growth, change and impermanence will become your experiential second nature. You will develop a sense of inner peace and stillness that will be supported and encouraged by nature's living, ever-changing process. Absolutely no experience necessary. The requirements are a willingness to let go of your troubles, fears, worries and anxieties. Other things to note Wear warmer clothes than usual as we will spend time being still in the woods and in the shade of the forest canope. You may also wish to bring something to sit on during sit spot practice.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$55 / شخص
  • Milkwood Botanical Candle Workshop
    I will introduce you to a carefully selected range of essential oils and then guide you through the process of using the essential oils to create your own bespoke scent blend for your candle. We will explore the benefits of using natural ingredients and how scent stimulates the olfactory system evoking old memories and helping to create new ones. Then you will learn how to combine your oil blend with natural wax before hand pouring your own candle to take home. The 90 minute duration time is a guideline as with only one or two guests it might be slightly shorter running time as the teaching is more 1:1. The timing can also vary due to how long guests take experimenting with oils during the blending - I encourage a lot of experimenting and trying out the more unusual oils with old favourites. It is worth noting your candle will need to set for a hour or two before you can take it away (if you want a smooth top!) it is fine to pop back when convenient, they will be carefully labelled!
    ابتداءً من السعر:$66 / شخص
  • Afternoon Tea and meet the alpacas
    Situated on the border of Kent and East Sussex and lucky to have stunning views that look out on a part of the largest area of medieval landscape still existing in Europe, we will welcome you to our home and then introduce you to our alpacas who definitely weren't part of the medieval landscape in this country but who fit right in now! You would never know this view existed unless you visited our private home and small holding. Stroll into our paddock and we will introduce you these inquisitive and cute characters who are very friendly and enjoy meeting new people. They also love carrots which you can feed them as well as take lots of photos. We have ten alpacas including two new little Cria who were born in May and July. After hanging out with our alpacas you will be served a delicious and traditional Afternoon Tea in our garden overlooking the paddock, the alpacas and the view. Our tea is all home-made and a lot is home grown, like the cucumbers in your sandwiches and the strawberries in your jam. Other traditional goodies include scones , Victoria sponge & more. Your scrumptious tea is served on vintage china with vases of homegrown flowers from our flower field adding the final touch to your quintessentially English Afternoon Tea experience. The tea is served in our marquee. When you have finished your scrumptious feast you are welcome to walk in our meadow
    ابتداءً من السعر:$55 / شخص
  • Groom and walk miniature ponies
    Star the pony and I will meet you at our meeting point where we will carry out introductions and cover safety tips, before we head off for the walk. We will walk up the lane and through the fields, going at the ponies pace and allowing them to browse on the plants in the hedgerows. We’ll also collect cuttings and weeds to take back with us for their pony friends (in season only). You will learn about wild plants and trees and how they benefit the ponies diet, plus more about pony care and behaviour. We will finish the walk back at the pony field where you will brush their coats and manes and tails, before turning them back out to the field. We serve a cold drink and slice of cake for you to enjoy whilst watching the ponies graze surrounded by beautiful scenery. You will be able to really get to know the ponies as individuals and see their different characters and personalities. With a calm and gentle approach, it won’t take long before they are queueing up for a scratch from you. Other things to note This is a leisurely walk that is perfect for animal lovers. If you cannot see a date or time that suits you, please contact me to request another date. All children must be accompanied by an adult. No open toed shoes or sandals. The ponies cannot be ridden, this is for walking and grooming only. Only one child under the age of 6 per group for safety.
    ابتداءً من السعر:$62 / شخص