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تلميحات من السكان المحليين

May 31, 2020
Sorbas is an old fortress town perched on a rock. It’s lovely to walk around and browsing the pottery there is a great pleasure
February 11, 2020
- A traditional Spanish town, slightly larger than Lubrin, about 25 minutes away. Market day is on Thursday. In the ‘Centro de Visitantes "Los Yesares’ you can find local information about the area and information on some walks. There is a lovely pottery here, Alfareria Juan Simon, where you can buy handmade, brightly coloured pottery.
May 30, 2015
Houses clinging to the bare rock, steep narrow streets of medieval houses are all to be found in Sorbas. The Sorbas cave system is nearby, guided tours from easy going to more advanced.