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The Scientist's Studio

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مضيف شقة كاملة هو Carmen
ضيفان 2استوديوسرير 1حمام واحد
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التزم هذا المضيف ببروتوكول تنظيف صارم تم تطويره مع كبار خبراء الصحة والضيافة. معرفة المزيد
Explore the mind of a scientist, evident in every nook and cranny of this cosy studio. You'll discover plants growing from beakers, spices stored in test tubes, and dinosaurs of course! It has the right chemistry to make any trip a success!
“Put Melbourne under the microscope and use my studio as the perfect base to make new discoveries!”
مضيفك Carmen

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4.93 out of 5 stars from 272 reviews
4.93 (272 تقييمًا)


ملبورن وفيكتوريا وأستراليا

The studio is in the very heart of Melbourne's CBD. It's at the quiet end of Flinders Lane, famous for its restaurants and unique laneways.

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الاستضافة بواسطة Carmen

انضم في أكتوبر 2014
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Hi, I'm Carmen :) Live for travel, good food and coffee! As a host, I'm happy to help with any tips in our local community or help plan trips out of the city as Victoria as a whole has so much to offer. I started hosting with airbnb back in the days of people replying with " huh whats an airbnb?" I'm passionate about protecting the community element of Airbnb and think of hosting as far more than providing a place to shower and sleep. I'm a respite foster carer for our first nations children, run a local foodshare program which helps me feed and share meals i've prepared with my community, I also occasionally throw in some foster animals, because apparently I crave a chaotic life :P Luckily I live for organisation, so theres always something to keep me busy! I also work full time running an Airbnb management business that helps hosts throughout Melbourne run their Airbnbs and assist their guests. I've recently taken on a new role as head of Artist development for Australian musicians and personally manage their careers too! Did I mention I like to keep busy? As a guest, I'm very clean and appreciate a fresh set of linen and a comfy bed. I have a laid back approach to travel and my Airbnb stays and would much prefer to be immersed in culture, than resort style living. I enjoy meeting new people from around the world and connecting over food. Food for me, means connection. I am a responsible guest who will leave your home very clean. If my dog Ollie is travelling with me, I will always clean up after him and supervise him. Ollie is well behaved and used to travelling and staying in new places. I look forward to hosting you sometime or being a guest in your home :)
Hi, I'm Carmen :) Live for travel, good food and coffee! As a host, I'm happy to help with any tips in our local community or help plan trips out of the city as Victoria as a whole…
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