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Eco-friendly Suite in Converted Church

مضيف متميزنيوتاون ونيوساوث ويلز وأستراليا
Airbnb Plus
مضيف جناح ضيوف كامل هو Lynn
ضيفان 2غرفة نوم 1سرير 1حمام واحد
Unwind in this eco-friendly space and look out from the bright and airy bedroom or the cosy open-plan living area onto a diminutive courtyard with potted plants and statuettes. Select a read from the neatly colour-coded in-house library set beside the kitchenette at this charming guest suite*. Meet the host's very cute and friendly Italian Water Dog who is often found right at the front door waiting to greet you. Her name is Mucca (rhymes with good looker!).
*a self-contained unit on the ground floor or my home. We share the front door and laundry.
“I support environmentally friendly travel and am working on improving the sustainability of my home.”
مضيفك Lynn

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نيوتاون ونيوساوث ويلز وأستراليا

Newtown is a very funky area with lots of cafes, an arthouse cinema, pubs, galleries, parks and fashion shops. Nearby Erskineville is a 5-minute walk away and is also very popular for its gourmet deli and award-winning flower shop.

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15 دقيقة بالسيارة دون وجود ازدحام مروري

الاستضافة بواسطة Lynn

انضم في يونيو 2011
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I'm am an artist, Silverfox model, Airbnb host, mother of four wonderful adult kids, proud grandmother of a baby girl born in the UK in November 2018, besotted dog owner and live in the top two levels of a beautiful, light-filled three-level renovated church building. Sharing my home (the street level) with Airbnb guests is one of the best things I've ever done. It's given me connections with many amazing people. I've found that the kind of people who choose Airbnb are adventurous, friendly, warm, intelligent, curious and often have fascinating stories to tell about their own lives. When I travel, I stay at Airbnb places and each place I've chosen has been unique, full of character and has offered so much more than a stark and sterile hotel room. Meeting my hosts has been another benefit - they are all wonderful people. I have a dog – a Lagotto Romagnola – whose name is Mucca and she shares my space upstairs. She's very friendly and lovable and is classified as 'hypoallergenic' so should not be a problem for guests with allergies.
I'm am an artist, Silverfox model, Airbnb host, mother of four wonderful adult kids, proud grandmother of a baby girl born in the UK in November 2018, besotted dog owner and live i…
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