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Garden District Shotgun House Filled with Plants and History

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مضيف بيت كامل هو Laura Stirling
4 ضيوفغرفتين نوم 2سريرين 2حمام واحد
Feel the history of Old New Orleans simply by stepping onto the front porch of a classic shotgun house with original woodwork and shuttered windows. Discover more period details in plant-filled rooms, with Victorian fireplaces and timber floors.

[STR License #17STR-09366]

After the first two guests, there is an additional cost of $60/ per person per night to keep reservations in-line with group market rates.

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19STR-11924, 19-OSTR-0000

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نيو أورليانز ولويزيانا والولايات المتحدة

The house is in the Lower Garden District, which has a rich and varied architectural character that reflects over a century of development. Coliseum Square is a three-block-long oak-lined city park one block from the house.

المسافة من مطار نيو اورليانز لويس أرمسترونغ الدولي

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الاستضافة بواسطة Laura Stirling

انضم في يونيو 2011
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I believe in living actively and enjoying the adventure as much as I possibly can. Whether its a show, art opening, or dinner with friends - I am usually good at finding fun things to get into. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I spent the last 13 years living all over the US - Atlanta, Miami Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, and Brooklyn. So, I've experienced many different types of people and love making new friends. Back in December, the opportunity to move back home presented itself, and I jumped. Being in New Orleans, I can't help but smile every day. Hailing originally from Louisiana, I've got that southern hospitality vibe going on. I have literally never met a stranger. I am a very excitable person - a natural extrovert - but I am also easy-going. I like to explore and go on adventures... weekend trips are HUGE in my world. Getting out of the city is very important to me. As a guest, I am autonomous and quite friendly (southern vibe! #FTW) so I keep things chill. I am very clean and respectful of other people. I tidy after myself and try hard not to leave mess. :) My life's motto is to never stop growing and experiencing. That is the most important virtue in my book. Come and stay with me - it'll be a real big blast.
I believe in living actively and enjoying the adventure as much as I possibly can. Whether its a show, art opening, or dinner with friends - I am usually good at finding fun things…
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  • رقم البوليصة: 19STR-11924, 19-OSTR-0000
  • لغة: English
  • معدل الاستجابة: 100%
  • وقت الاستجابة: خلال ساعة

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