THE PARSONAGE: Georgian Colonial with pool and spa


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Special the summer: YELLOW TANDEM BIKE !!!! Helmets and lock provided!

Consider an event at our home...a party, a wedding ( I can provide officiating) even an anniversary recommitment ceremony! A VERY ROMANTIC SETTING for a special time.


(Please note: the Airbnb guest room is in the Main House NOT the Pool House!)

After a busy day under the live oak trees and visiting Savannah's historic attractions, luxuriate in our cool pool, get some rays or before sleep soak in our heated spa. Use the gas BBQ, if U wish.

The PARSONAGE is located on celebrated, lush and beautiful tree covered Washington Avenue, in Ardsley Park, a mile from Forsythe Park and the Historic District. The Parsonage: Luxurious room with en suite bath in an art and artifact decorated home, beautiful outdoor area for relaxing and fun.
The separate POOL HOUSE overlooks the pool and spa and is complete with sound system, 55 inch flatscreen and a stocked refrigerator, shower and toilet. Guests are welcome to enjoy ALL THE PUBLIC SPACES in the house, pool house and adjoining brick patio. Host is available for Savannah tour. AND A YELLOW BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO!!! (Rental fees applies)

Bus stop just a step away.

One of the only Airbnb properties in the Savannah area with pool and spa! Great all year round.

All the public spaces of the house and poolhouse. microwave and fridge available. Sorry, no SERIOUS cooking...except on outdoor gas BBQ.

Complete privacy if U wish or lavish interactive hospitality...or anything in between!


I consider HOSPITALITY as an intrinsic component of my life long MINISTRY. Not just an option but a moral and spiritual IMPERATIVE!
As a spiritual practice, HOSPITALITY is found in many of the world’s religions and cultures encapsulated in their popular stories. For example, the Hebrew prophet Elijah would wander about disguised as a beggar to test how people would treat him, to determine if they would be hospitable or hostile. On one occasion, a rabbi turned him away from his home only to learn later that it was Elijah in disguise. The moral in Hebrew tradition is that you should treat all strangers with the utmost respect, honor and care as though you were greeting the prophet. Ancient Greece was known for practicing “xenia” or “guest-friendship,” the exercise of generosity towards guests deriving from the belief that gods visited humans and the humans’ fear that a stranger might be a god in disguise. Not treating strangers hospitably could have dire consequences for the would-be hosts. This same fear that a stranger might be a god in disguise is also found in Middle-Eastern culture. In the Bible story, Abraham and Sarah are visited by three men who tell Sarah that she is pregnant. She laughs loudly thinking she is too old to be pregnant. Her response angers Abraham who is fearful of offending the guests lest they be angels in disguise. Today, in Islam, being a gracious host is a primary requirement of being spiritually exemplary. In Buddhism, if you go to a zendo, a meditation hall, mats and cushions are commonly set out for unexpected guests in order to make them feel welcomed in a perhaps unfamiliar setting. The Buddhist tradition teaches that the very distinction between one group and another, between insider and outsider, between citizen and alien is a dangerous perception. Know that y'all will be treated in the tradition of HOSPITALITY as an expression of holiness!

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Arnold Mark is semi-retired, wife Arlene is an editor and paralegal. We enjoy good food, especially ethnic food. Arlene is a spectacular cook. Do ask us about recommendations for breakfast or other meals. We love to welcome guests to our home in romantic and historic Savannah, GA. Our son and his wife and our two granddaughters (14 and 17) live around the corner; he is an intellectual property attorney with his own firm and his wife is a university professor. We love kids. We have traveled all over Europe, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, China and Japan. We thrive on meeting new people. We love watching movies and have hundreds of cable channels, and Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming
Arnold Mark is semi-retired, wife Arlene is an editor and paralegal. We enjoy good food, especially ethnic food. Arlene is a spectacular cook. Do ask us about recommendations for b…

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