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Come and stay in Tom's, our shepherd's hut set in the rolling hills of our organic dairy farm. Bask in the traquility of the setting as a kingfisher flits by, or light up the woodburner for a cosy evening with a book. Refresh yourself under the outdoor shower attached to the private horsebox conversion washroom, or cook up a storm over the firepit.

Tom's all booked up? Check out our other shepherd's huts, Bill's and Edgar's! Also avaliable to book for a group of up to 7 people.

Tom's sleeps up to three people, with a double bed and the option of a single bed. If there's less than three of you, the single bed will transform into a great place to sit and relax. Inside the hut there is a small table and chairs, kitchenette (including a one ring stove, pots, pans, cutlery, crockery, and cooking essentials), and a small fridge-freezer.
The washroom is housed in a converted horsebox. You can expect a loo, shower, and sink inside, as well as a washing up area under a cover outside. Or perhaps you'd like to make use of the warm outdoor shower under the trees.

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Goathill is a tiny hamlet, set just on the Dorset Somerset Border. The farm is one of only 7 houses in the village, with a tiny church and nothing else other than the gorgeous views. Your neighbours will be our herd of dairy cows, and our small flock of dorset cross sheep - and us of course! We're lucky enough to be only a mile away from Milborne Port, which is well stocked with a Co-op, petrol station, a couple of pubs and an excellent fish and chip shop. A little further down the road is Sherborne (about a 5 minute drive). Sherborne has been hailed as one of the prettiest towns in Dorset, and is absolutely full of independant shops, cafes and resturants - plus an Abbey, two castles and loads of lovely lanes to wander. Check out my guidebook for the best places to go!

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