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Your super comfortable King size bed in our upstairs half story.
Your super comfortable King size bed in our upstairs half story.
  • Your super comfortable King size bed in our upstairs half story.
  • Our stairs are whimsical but steep so we recommend our place for those that would have no problems navigating our stairs. We have installed a handbar on the wall for additional safety.
  • Another view mid-stairs. Please note the 90 degree turn within 5 steps.
  • Unique Upstairs Room with kitchenette in Mid City
  • The desk and midcentury modern chair are perfect for working or for getting ready before going out.
  • The hallway opens into your private room, please be aware of the slanted gable roof involves some occasional bending down along the edges of the room.
  • Your super comfortable King size bed in our upstairs half story. Your room has a desk, dresser, mirror, TV, and hooks for hanging.
  • The kitchenette space is also included upstairs and is your space to relax, make coffee and read books.
  • Relax and browse local magazines and check out our hot sauce collection.
  • In your kitchenette you have a mini fridge stocked with waters, a keurig, and snacks. There is also a microwave and silverware.
  • Your kitchenette comes with small table and chairs.
  • Our home is a 1947 bungalow style nestled on a quiet side street in mid city. We are located within walking distance to Government street which is home to grocery stores, restaurants, and cool shops.
  • This is the view of the front door and the door that leads up to your room. They are in close proximity to one another so no need to worry about coming in late at night and waking us up. You may also note the cat hole in the door also allows cats up.
  • This view from the downstairs shows that the stairs contain a sudden turn. With this in mind, we have installed a railing. We don’t recommend our place for those who have difficulty getting up stairs.
  • Your bathroom is located downstairs in the hallway.
  • The bathroom is stocked with anything you might need.
  • The counter space and mirrors take advantage of the plentiful natural light.
  • Recently added brand new tub.
  • Shared space: our living room area.
  • View from chair in living room into dining room and kitchen and straight to the back door.
  • Shared space: living room downstairs
  • Unique Upstairs Room with kitchenette in Mid City
  • Our 2 dogs, Edgar and Annabel will be around to greet you and love on downstairs but do not venture to your area upstairs.
  • Our records are in alphabetic order for your, and our, convenience.
  • Shared space downstairs: dining room
  • Shared space downstairs view from dining room into living room.
  • Shared space downstairs: The full kitchen contains a four burner gas stove. You are welcome to use our full size refrigerator as well.
  • The back patio is shaded for most of the day and is a great spot to relax even on the hotter days of the year
  • Our backyard and front porch have one frequent visitor; Kevin the very friendly tomcat.
  • Your hosts :) Jessica and Jacob
  • We have both cats and dogs. They are friendly and love attention. We work hard to keep our house clean but do not recommend it for those that are allergic.
  • Our dogs: Edgar and Annabelle.

Annabelle is a rescue and is protective over Edgar when around other dogs so unfortunately we have to be firm on our no pets rule. This unfortunately includes service animals too as we don’t want to risk any incidents.
  • Our toddler is friendly and is starting to learn the English language. He may leave a toy here or there downstairs but we will keep most of them in his room.
  • Our front porch is available for enjoying songbirds and for our smoking guests.
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Your super comfortable King size bed in our upstairs half story.