"Mas del Julivert", “off-grid” country barn. Views

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موقف سيارات مجاني
يعد هذا المكان أحد الأماكن القليلة في المنطقة التي يتوفر بها موقف سيارات مجاني.
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Carlota And Marc لديه 75 تقييمات لأماكن أخرى.


يتضمن كل حجز حماية مجانية ضد إلغاءات المضيف، وعدم دقة المعلومات الواردة في إعلان المسكن، والمشاكل الأخرى مثل الصعوبة في تسجيل الوصول.
تمت ترجمة بعض المعلومات تلقائيًا.
Unique "off-grid" country house (once a barn and a place for farmers to stay during the week) with all you need to relax and fully enjoy country living. Quiet. No neighbors. Private access. Great views. Only 6 km from Gandesa and 6 km from Bot.

Country house located smack in the middle of almond, olive trees and vineyards. Rain running water and solar powered electricity which will need to be used with moderation.

Wifi access.

The "Mas del Julivert" is an off-grid country house surrounded by plenty of parsley since many many years ago. The house is layed out in one floor (no stairs) with an open space that has a sofa bed in the living room and an open kitchen plus a bathroom. Four large windows make the space bright and allow you to savour the amazing views.

Outside you will find plenty of space to wander around. There are several old olive trees under which you can relax.

We are located in the Catalan "Terra Alta", one of the most important wine regions in the world with mostly grenache grapes (Garnatxa blanca, negra i peluda).

مكان النوم

ما يقدمه هذا المسكن

إطلالة على الحديقة
إطلالة على الجبل
واي فاي - بسرعة 10 Mbps
مواقف سيارات مجانية في الأبنية
خاص فناء أو شرفة
الفناء الخلفي
موقدٌ داخلية: حرق الخشب
غير متاحة: جهاز إنذار أول أكسيد الكربون
غير متاحة: جهاز إنذار للكشف عن الدخان

7 ليالي في Gandesa

٤ سبتمبر ٢٠٢٢ - ١١ سبتمبر ٢٠٢٢

لا توجد تقييمات (بعد)

لدى هذا المضيف 75 تقييمًا لأماكن إقامة أخرى. عرض تقييمات أخرىلدى هذا المضيف تقييم لأماكن إقامة أخرى.
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الموقع الذي ستُقيم فيه

Gandesa إسبانيا

Things to do while staying at the "Mas del Julivert":

- Relax and do nothing.
- Relax and read.
- Forget about your smartphone for some hours a day. If you can…
- Walk the property which has 110.000 m2.
- Trekking in the Natural Park of the "Els Ports"
- Swim in the nearby Canaletes and Algars rivers
- Visit the wine Cathedrals of Gandesa and Pinell de Brai, architectural rural masterpieces by Cesar Martinell, a Gaudi student.
- Visit the Batalla del Ebre museums that will shed light on the disastrous Spanish Civil War initiated by the fascist dictator.
- Bike in the "Terra Alta Via Verda" and the Val de Zafán
- Go to the beach and enjoy the sea - only 40/50 min away
- Visit some of the local wine cellars and do some wine tasting.
- Dine in some of the local restaurants
- Visit Horta de Sant Joan where Picasso spent a couple of summers and painted his firts cubist paintings
- Visit the old village of Arnes
- Visit La Fatarella and Vilalba dels Arcs and their churches

الاستضافة بواسطة Carlota And Marc

  1. انضم في أغسطس 2014
  • 75 تقييمًا
  • تم التحقق من الهوية
Parents of two. Entrepreneurs in IT and technology. Now taking care of hundreds of olive and almond trees in Terra Alta, one of the best Catalan wine regions.

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  • Carlota

أثناء إقامتك

You can always contact us for any suggestions as to where to eat and what to visit.

During your stay we will be available via phone or whatsapp. Just lets us know what you need - recommendations, special requests, issues, what have you…

It is important to know where NOT to eat and where NOT to go. You do not want to waste your time nor money.
You can always contact us for any suggestions as to where to eat and what to visit.

During your stay we will be available via phone or whatsapp. Just lets us know what…
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  • لغات: English وFrançais وEspañol
  • معدل الاستجابة: 100%
  • وقت الاستجابة: خلال ساعات قليلة
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تسجيل المغادرة: 12:00 م
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