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Simonetta لديه 20 تقييمات لأماكن أخرى.


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Apartment with very spacious terrace and views of the tourist port of Pisciotta Marina. Located a few meters from the historic center of Pisciotta and a short distance from the sea.

The apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with two single beds. It has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.

Ideal for a family of 3/4 people.

Distance from the sea 3 km just 5 minutes by car, you reach the splendid village of Marina di Pisciotta, which can also be reached on foot along a small road surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, characteristic of the place.

Available, on request, also a free shuttle service to reach the equipped beach.

The apartment is located in Pisciotta, a medieval town on the Cilento coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998 and a blue flag for its crystal clear sea for several years.

The length of stay is to be agreed and the rates are indicative and may vary according to the number of people and the season.

During your stay you can also participate in numerous cultural (Pompeii, Paestum, Velia, Roccagloriosa), sea (Lamparata, Baia Infresci, Snoorkelink, Palinuro Caves, sport fishing, etc.), naturalistic excursions (trekking) as well as spend a day in the beautiful Capri and it is also possible to visit the Amalfi coast.
The Fiori di Donna Ester apartment complex is located in Pisciotta, a medieval town on the Cilento coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998 and a blue flag for its crystal clear sea for several years. The property is in the center of the village a few meters from the supermarket and all essential goods. It is only 3 km from the beaches of Marina di Pisciotta. The village of Pisciotta retains its medieval structure. From above, the Palazzo marquisale Pappacoda dominates the village, while all around are scattered the small stone houses between narrow and winding alleys. Of note is the parish church dedicated to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and the noble chapels of San Michele and Madonna della Mercede, which embellish the spectacular walk in the historic center of Pisciotta. The Church of Saints Peter and Paul houses inside precious paintings and famous relics. To the east of the town, in the area known as the "Pendino", a paved road, called La Chiusa, leads to Marina di Pisciotta, an important seaside resort where the ancient fishing of anchovies with menaica is still practiced today. Slow Food Presidium and absolute protagonists of the Fish Festival held at the end of June. For those who love nature walks there is the Castelluccio Path, a suggestive walk that crosses vineyards, olive groves and vegetable gardens and that reaches Castelluccio, an ancient lookout point in defense of the territory where the ruins of a tower dating back to to the ancient Velia. In the vicinity of Pisciotta you can visit Rodio which preserves the remains of an imposing baronial palace, whose structure also incorporates a medieval tower. Very popular during the summer season, due to its sandy coastline, is the coastal hamlet of Caprioli. According to an ancient legend, a few meters from the town, there is the tomb of Palinuro, the famous helmsman of Aeneas whom the Cumaean Sibyl had predicted the burial by the Lucani.

أشياء أخرى يجب ملاحظتها
Below is a list of additional charges to be paid locally:
The extra cost for linen is 10€per person.
The extra cost for cleaning is 90€per apartment.
N.B. The above prices may have undergone changes, it is advisable to contact the host to know the updated ones.

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Pisciotta كامبانيا إيطاليا

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