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Cocoa Village Guest house is small lodge style hotel and restaurant remotely located deeply in the heart of Lake Bosumtwi near Kumasi.
We offer accommodation for nature lovers who intend to escape for a few days from bustling daily life of urban Ghana.
Place is close to great views and primary nature. We have our own restaurant where breakfast, lunch or dinner are served al la cart on our spaces terrace with view on the lake.

We are offering lodge style accommodation in three separate bungalow with private bathroom and big traditional atta kwame family house. All accommodations are without air condition but situated on special location direct on the shore of lake. All bungalows and restaurant are uniquely painted and decorated . Both atta kwame bungalow and family house are completely built with traditional mud building technique like most of the houses in nearby village where all used materials are completely natural and all the work is hand made. All accommodation facility, bar and restaurant are located just on shore of Lake Bosumtwi with perfect view on the lake.
We offer accommodation mostly for nature lovers who intend to escape for a few days from bustling daily life of urban Ghana.
You’ll love our place because of the location, the garden space, and the people. Place is unique and suitable for all kind of nature lovers, families (with kids who are not afraid of animals), couples and hikers.
Note that. Cocoa Village is not a choice at all for guests who wish urban style accommodation with fast WI-FI, smooth access, AC and they are not ready to accidentally meet some small animals like mouse, bats....

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Kumasi Ashanti غانا

Lake Bosumtwi is located 30 km south east of Kumasi in a circular crater with diameter of 10,5km. The lake is the only natural fresh water lake which can be found in Ghana. In its deepest point it can reach 90 meters.

On the base of latest geological research crater have origin in 1,07 million years old asteroid. Lake is surrounded with hills (to the 600 m high) and dense rain forest. Lake, with their beautiful natural environment and near villages, offers many opportunities for exploring of nature, unspoiled village life style and activities from SUP riding, canoeing, trekking around the lake or climbing on neighboring hills.

Visiting Cocoa Village Guesthouse in the center of impact crater is great opportunity for short escape from bustle of urban Ghana to the untouched nature of Lake Bosumtwi. We are offering a wide variety of activity inside of Cocoa Village from hikes on the top of the crater, trips around the lake with visit of 24 villages on the way, 6 days Mole trips, canoe and SUP trips.

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Cocoa Village Guesthouse is professionally run place with manager and working stuff. Do not expect family style accommodation.
  • لغة: English
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