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رائع للعمل عن بعد
واي فاي سريع بسرعة 214 ميغابايت، بالإضافة إلى مساحة عمل مخصصة في غرفة خاصة.
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المضيفون المتميزون هم مضيفون ذو خبرة وتقييم عاليين، يلتزمون بتقديم إقامات رائعة للضيوف.


يتضمن كل حجز حماية مجانية ضد إلغاءات المضيف، وعدم دقة المعلومات الواردة في إعلان المسكن، والمشاكل الأخرى مثل الصعوبة في تسجيل الوصول.
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The perfect location for a small gathering of friends or a small family. Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Our house is located in a residential area of Pie de la Cuesta, a seaside suburb outside Acapulco, on a spacious ground with Pacific Ocean 6-minute (320mts) walk. Clean and endless beach with unforgettable sunsets and a stunning moon rising over a calm lagoon... a great place to relax and unwind!

We are pet-friendly! Bring your pet along for your next family vacation.

A unique place for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts, for couples who value holiday enjoyment in a private ambiance over the convenience of city life. Also, a perfect place to appreciate the local flora and fauna (iguanas, turtles, butterflies, palm trees, tropical fruit trees)

Well maintained house, not a luxury hotel or a fancy condo... We're not hoteliers, we are Airbnb Super hosts! This is our paradise and we will be very happy to welcome you and your family!"

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الوصول إلى الشاطئ
واي فاي سريع 214 ميغابايت في الثانية
مساحة مخصصة للعمل
موقف سيارات مجاني في المبنى
حمام سباحة مشترك خارجي
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Just 20km - and 100 years - from Acapulco is the tranquil seaside suburb of Pie de la Cuesta and it is the location of a military base of the Mexican Air Force.

Pie de la Cuesta is an excellent place to enjoy the contact with nature. With several kilometers beach long, with romantic sunsets and much better prices. Looking for a quiet place surrounded by nature to relax, enjoy with family/friends and forget your worries ... here is your place!

Water sports are one of the main activities practiced in the lagoon and offer a typical cuisine of the place. Other activities that can be performed on site are riding and professional surf on the beach.

Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has stated in interviews that the initial inspiration for writing his famous novel One Hundred Years of Solitude took place in the mid-1960s while driving the 10 kilometers from Acapulco to Pie de la Cuesta.

Thew town sits on a narrow, 2km strip land bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Laguna de Coyuca, where Sylvester Stallone filmed Rambo - First Blood part II

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أحب السفر والتزلج على الماء وركوب الأمواج.

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I and my family live on the property 200 meters from the bungalow. I am at your disposal for whatever you may need. Please do not hesitate to ask, as it will be a pleasure to assist you and your family in making your stay as nice as possible.
I and my family live on the property 200 meters from the bungalow. I am at your disposal for whatever you may need. Please do not hesitate to ask, as it will be a pleasure to assis…

Petr من المضيفين المتميّزين

المضيفون المتميزون هم مضيفون يمتلكون الخبرة ولديهم تقييم عالٍ ويلتزمون بتوفير إقامات رائعة للضيوف.
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