Luxe Country Home w/ Pool, Private Chef, Concierge

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Bask in the hill country in this unique home located in the peaceful hills of Spicewood. Lounge by the pool or enjoy the sunny yoga room. This villa is the perfect destination for group trips, events, or a low-key romantic getaway! Enjoy high end, comfy and luxurious furnishings in this seemingly far off but close to Austin country home. Enjoy one of the many nearby parks for hiking and swimming, or head into Austin easily for nightlife, music, and great food. COMES WITH ONSITE CONCIERGE & MORE!

The house is filled with light thanks to the gorgeous large windows that host our namesake Bella Vista (Beautiful View!). The main house has a master suite with comfy king bed a large jacuzzi bathtub, a third floor luxury loft bedroom with it's own balcony, beautiful and cozy second floor living room, a sunny yoga room that doubles as another bedroom, an office that doubles as an extra bedroom, and a 1st floor sitting room that can also double as it's own private bedroom with curtains surrounding it. The large dining table is perfect for group meals, and the open kitchen has high end finishes and a beautiful gas range.

Outside there is a sprawling shady lawn, goat and chicken barn, and of course the amazing and unique infinity pool. We have heaters outside to keep warm during cooler months and an outdoor grill- perfect for your summer barbecue. The patio has plenty of places to lounge & enjoy some peace and quiet.

There is one more tiny house on the property "the pool house" which has its own private bedroom, mini fridge, tea station, ensuite bathroom with an outdoor shower!

*Every stay comes with your own onsite concierge! Feel free to ask more questions about how this works- but here's the gist of what's included!:

-Concierge is on site during the stay (Stays in private quarters in separate building on the property) and is available to guests from 8AM-5PM

-24 hour availability for questions and needs via phone / email

-Concierge will help guests with entry, recommendations, general house questions

-Concierge performs a hotel like turnover service each day (Customizable)

-Concierge will provide laundry service during stay (Customizable)

-A 2 hour breakfast service is included, guests will pick from menu options provided, or option to design custom menu. Guests will pay for the cost of groceries.

-1 grocery run at 1 store before guests arrive to stock the house with desired items, cost of groceries are not included and shopping list will need to be provided by the guest and coordinated with concierge prior to stay.

-Help with procuring shuttle services, car rental, catering, etc!


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Country truly meets luxury at Bella Vista! Tucked into the rolling hills of Spicewood, get the real Hill Country experience. 5 Acres of beauty, the house is down a long driveway and totally hidden from the access road. It feels so far away but its just 45 minutes from Austin, and only 5 minutes to hop out onto the main road! Enjoy the luxury shopping plaza in Bee Cave just 20 minutes away. The neighborhood is quiet, natural, and home to farmers & families alike.

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