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There is a place a few steps away from the famous VERSILIA (Tuscany) called BORGOMETATO.
Here various structures have been designed by the Architect Stefano Viviani, who has realized In each of them, a very refined style respectful to the place. Il Borgo di Metato is surrounded by olive trees, lots of green spaces and there are some donkeys for the joy of children.
Il FIENILE is part of this place.

This 2-story house, composed of 1 double bedroom with an overview over the valley and sea, 1 bathroom, kitchen room, and charming terrace just outside the room. The outdoor is also characterized by a small garden terrace provided with table and chairs, as well as loungers for relaxation.
Inside, every corner is treated in detail. The tasteful objects, sofas, armchairs, raw materials of first choice, abatjours scattered everywhere to make the atmosphere warm and romantic.
The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances, oven, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, dining table.
The rooms convey the atmosphere of the past, but with every comfort. The linen is mainly characterized by the white, symbol of freshness, purity.

A small cellar will be available for guests to taste the local wines and typical products,
to share conviviality in an atmosphere of pleasure and dialogue that is established between several people during a happy holiday.

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Metato توسكانا إيطاليا

METATO is a little village situated in the Tuscany hills, very close to the seaside. This is a place characterized by rural simplicity, where nature finds the balance between the
strength of the mountain and the power of the sea.

The place is dreamlike for those who want to feel like an eagle in its eyrie far away from the hustle and bustle of the world. However, keep in mind that the village is mainly pedestrian and clings to a steep slope above the coastal plain. This makes the Borgo not ideal for people who have trouble moving easily and for those who have difficulties driving uphill with their car.

NEARBY, it's possible to visit some of the most fascinating cities of Tuscany, such as Lucca (30min drive), Pisa (50min), and Florence (90min).
Lucca has often been voted one of the world's most desirable cities to live in or visit. It is perhaps most famous for its thick, 16th century ramparts that encircle the city and were restored in the 19th century to create a wide, tree-lined walkway. You can walk or cycle on top of the whole length of the walls and discover the wonders of the town within.
Pisa is best known for its leaning tower in Piazza dei Miracoli but the city is also home to a multitude of beautiful churches, historical buildings, bridges, and medieval palaces.

The COASTLINE is only a couple of kilometers away (25 minutes by car) and Pietrasanta is another gorgeous medieval town packed with art galleries, restaurants, and little coffee shops for people-watching in the fabulous Piazza Duomo. Nearby Forte dei Marmi is a shopper's fantasyland packed full of avant-garde boutiques
Viareggio, a popular seaside town, home to the famous Carnival parade. The area is famous not only for its fine food and wine but also for the Versilia coastline and its fashionable resorts and celebrity beach clubs. The gently-sloping, sandy shelf makes the beaches safe for small children.

Finally, if you are trekking lovers, some nice paths are starting from Metato through which you can discover the wild side of the area and enjoy amazing overviews from the mountain peaks.

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Hey there! My name is Federico and I help my family to rent a few villas and apartments. All our properties are located in a little borgo on the north coastline of Tuscany. My parents, both architects, have been investing for a lifetime in this lovely place, which we call now Borgo Metato Toscana. We have hosted guests from all around the world, and we would be honored to walk you right into the very soul of the Borgo. Our goal is to help create part of an outstanding travel experience, and we are looking forward to it!
Hey there! My name is Federico and I help my family to rent a few villas and apartments. All our properties are located in a little borgo on the north coastline of Tuscany. My pare…

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