Ancient Mansion, Terrace, View 10 min from the sea

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8km (5 miles) and 10 minutes from the sea of Finale Ligure and 15 from the beautiful beach of Varigotti, a peculiar 1800's mansion with 12 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen, 3 bathrooms a large 80 square meters (861 square feet) and a small garden. The house has 4 floors and an area of 600 square meters (717 square yards). On the ground floor is a room to keep your bikes and there are 3 private parking spots.

This mansion from the early 1800's is perfectly conserved, the pavements are almost all original, the furniture is from the mid 1900s (but the staves of the beds and matresses are modern).

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I am a 51 year old manager with a leading publishing company. I love dearly my two kids, Pietro e Maddalena, 18 and 16 year old. Wine and food enthusiast, I love meeting people and make them feeling like home. Climbing, hiking and mounteneering are my passions. I work a lot so I can't go around the world as I would like, but thanks to Airbnb if I cannot go to the world, the world is coming to me ;-) Look at my guests reviews: - Emmanuelle from France: "Ale is the perfect host... Alessandro makes you feel at home immediately, he's very careful of your well-being and enjoy your company without being intrusive. He's an elegant, sophisticated man who will make you discover all the treasures of Italy - beginning with the wine ;) - if you wish to." - Diana from Canada: "Staying with Ale was absolutely amazing, I loved his place and he was such a great host! " - Victoria from... everywhere: "Alessandro was an excellent host ... and he was very responsive and welcoming from the beginning. I couldn't have felt more at home in his home." - Axel from Germany: "Ale was very flexible, generous and my stay was just perfect." - Rebecca from Australia: "Alessandro is the perfect host and will very quickly become your friend! We had a lot of fun drinking wine together and even cooking...this was my best Airbnb experience so far" - Kathleen from USA: " Alessandro was incredibly nice and is a wonderful cook. I awoke in the morning to a delicious omelet, homemade bread, strong coffee, fresh orange juice, and yogurt. I thought I was still dreaming! " - AnNa from Korea: " Alessandro is wonderful, very friendly and cultured host. He printed a map for us and showed us on the map places to go." Is there anything I could say more...?
I am a 51 year old manager with a leading publishing company. I love dearly my two kids, Pietro e Maddalena, 18 and 16 year old. Wine and food enthusiast, I love meeting people and…

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