Brewery Park 201 - Playful Modern Boutique Suite

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Welcome to Brewery Park - Suite 203. The suite boasts southeast exposure, bright sunny windows, and a playful modern style. This property is newly built collection of suites in Halifax's North End. Ideal for short and long stays, these suites are equipped with the essentials you need for any type of travel. Enjoy the convenience of the North End - walking distance to restaurants, retailers, and experience.

Each suite offers the following:
- Queen bed with comfortable and clean white bedding.
- Living area with smart TV, cable, and streaming services.
- Large kitchenette with induction hot plate, dishwasher, and mini-fridge.
- Closet with ample storage space.
- Spacious and simple bathroom with large walk-in shower.

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​Halifax’s northern tip is renowned for perseverance. Founded upon glacial deposits and ironstone, the north end was once Halifax’s economic hub. At one point, Gottingen Street was busier than Spring Garden Road. In 1917, the Halifax Explosion changed everything. In the wake of devastation, residents suffered poverty, crime, and segregation. After losing their homes, churches and businesses, the north end population slowly rebuilt itself. Presently, the north end is in the midst of a renaissance. Locals draw from the north end’s deep soul, fierce spirit and historical diversity. The palette of saltbox houses, urban and community gardens, independent businesses and eclectic arts scene has become home to a wonderfully cosmopolitan mix of people, giving the area a special vibrance and character.

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Hi! We are M. Hooper Vacation Rentals, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia established in 2018. Our management encourages an environment of constant positive reinforcement starting from our founders. We are a family and our attitude not only trickles down to our guests but our personal lives. Setting things in perspective; we don't merely look at our day-to-day as a job, but a passion that allows us to go over and beyond what we are capable of.
Hi! We are M. Hooper Vacation Rentals, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia established in 2018. Our management encourages an environment of constant positive reinforcement starting f…

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