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مضيف متميزLimonta وLombardia وإيطاليا
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المضيفون المتميزون هم مضيفون ذو خبرة وتقييم عاليين، يلتزمون بتقديم إقامات رائعة للضيوف.
Elegant Modern apartment, functionally furnished for travelers and workers from all over the world.

An enchanting view of Lake Como the strategic and panoramic position, whether you are here for business or for pure leisure!

Located a few minutes from Bellagio and 2 min walk from the beach,
there is the C36 bus stop 40 minutes walk from the house.

There are also many facilities such as Supermarket, Grocery, Shops, Restaurants, Historical Places, and Bars within minutes.

The Antico Torchio has multiple beds, this beautiful apartment is ideal for any type of traveller.

There are 3 Suites equipped with every comfort.
Each room has the right privacy, whether you’re a group of friends or a big family.
The low price, however, makes it perfect for single travelers or just a couple.

There are in fact 2 Queen-Size double beds and 2 comfortable single beds in the third bedroom.

In the living room there is a comfortable sofa where you can relax and an armchair where you can enjoy a beautiful movie with a TV 4K Ultra HD 40" Smart TV (NETFLIX , Youtube and more..)

- There is also ultra-fast Wi-Fi throughout the house.

- In addition to towels of various sizes, you will find a free Welcome Kit offered by the house
- Sheets, blankets and duvets and everything you need to make your stay perfect.

The first bathroom offers a walk-in shower, complete toilet. There are also various compartments tailored to accommodate all your belongings, luggage included.

You will always have plenty of space and maximum comfort.
The bathroom has a very spacious cabin, hair dryer, washing machine and a backlit mirror.

Both 3 bedrooms, very cozy and bright are equipped with a wonderful design and a perfect quiet,

- In the Suite "Double" it is the most characteristic room, it is noted by its fantastic contrast between modern and vintage style, and is equipped with two comfortable single beds .

- In the Suite "Blu" as well as being the quietest there is also an exclusive bathroom with a wonderful shower and its sanitary with their modern design.

- In the Suite "Yellow" in addition to being the quietest there is also an exclusive bathroom with a wonderful shower and its sanitary with their modern design.
It also has exclusive access to the private garden with lake view.

In the dining room there is an ultra modern kitchen with fridge, kettle, microwave and much more!

A lovely dining table where you can happily enjoy your meals and enjoy the wonderful view of the Lake that is seen from the glass doors.

With an enchanting view of the Lake, you will have access to the private terrace and with a breathtaking view of Lake Como, you will have:

- An outdoor living room with sofas and a wooden and glass table , under a wonderful pergola, so as to stay in the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

- Two comfortable deckchairs with their own bearings, perfect for sunbathing overlooking the best view you can have of the Lake.

- At the end you will also have a glass table with two chairs, so you can enjoy an excellent aperitif outside enjoying the enchanting view of the Lake and The Mountains Snow .

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Limonta وLombardia وإيطاليا

This is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get in touch with nature.
The location of the house guarantees maximum privacy and tranquility, being in a large balcony overlooking the lake.

-Description of the town Limonta
It’s one of the quietest and most scenic parts of the lake.
With a few minutes walk you can reach the Beach of the Lake .

Do not marvel at the area being one of the most characteristic of the lake and pass next to buildings of some historical importance.

Having just a few minutes the famous city of Bellagio, famous worldwide for its exclusive beauty.

-Comfort of the area :
It is really one of the most comfortable and quiet areas that we can find in the long lake, having laccesso just 2 min walk to the beach is davveru a privilege not to be trifled with,

A trip to the Madonna del Ghisallo Sanctuary, really fascinating

Dedicate an adventure afternoon at the Jungle Rider Park in Civenna, with suspended routes suitable for young and old

For the more enterprising a pleasant trekking on the Grigna together with the beautiful waterfall Di Cenghen

There are many other activities that you can undertake in the area: in addition to the inevitable boat trips, hydrofoils and ferries that take you in a few minutes on the shores of the lake

الاستضافة بواسطة Marzia

انضم في يونيو 2017
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  • مضيف متميز
After travelling here and there I decided to came back where my roots have begun... Bellagio and Civenna !) I now have a new family here and founded myBellagio ,an idea that aims to give to tourists, adventurer & travellers ,coming to lake Como, a point of conjuncion from Bellagio centre up to the hill top. I wish you'll have time to discover the little hamlets around this little piece of paradise . I promise you'll be positively surprised!!! Spend your time with whom You love doing things that You like" ...that's what I love to do!!! That's what I wish for you too :) HAVE FUN IN MY BELLAGIO!!!
After travelling here and there I decided to came back where my roots have begun... Bellagio and Civenna !) I now have a new family here and founded myBellagio ,an idea that aims t…
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Marzia مضيف متميّز
المضيفون المتميزون هم مضيفون يمتلكون الخبرة ولديهم تقييم عالٍ ويلتزمون بتوفير إقامات رائعة للضيوف.
  • رقم البوليصة: CIR :097060- CNI: 00078
  • لغات: English وItaliano وEspañol
  • معدل الاستجابة: 100%
  • وقت الاستجابة: خلال ساعة
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