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■Tokyo Diagonal Tower■

[We are offering discounts since the hotel is pre-opening!]

Even though the hotel is close to the Tokyo tower, it is very quiet and relaxing.

We have a theater room, a rooftop terrace(BBQ is available), a rooftop bar, 4K TV, Wi-fi. Also, we can bring a skilled chef to the hotel, and the chef is going to cook only for you.

The stay at the Tokyo Diagonal Tower is up to you.
You can create your experience on your own and have a special stay with the people you love.

■1F Theater Lounge
Use: Lounge, Bar, Watching Sports, Seminar room (It is available at a special price only during the Olympic Games from 7 pm to 11 pm)

Usually, 1F is used as lounge and a bar, but the space can be turned into a movie theater in a moment. The 4K images and the sound which make you feel vibration inside of your body creates luxury moment for you. For some special occasions, the 100 inch big screen and the high quality sound as you hear at a concert hall creates a great atmosphere which is suitable for welcoming the guests.
Also, when you hold events hosting people who are important for you, the space turns into a club where people can dance with the music that the DJ plays. Moreover, there are some curtains to split space, so you can arrange the environment as you want.

You need to pay extra fee to use the first floor.
the available time is up to 6 hours and there are times when it is not available.
Please feel free to contact us

■2F Executive Dining
Use: Living room, Dinning room, Party

Room service is one of the ways which makes your stay luxury. However, the room service here in the Tokyo Diagonal Tower is totally different from the conventional room service, and it may change your definition of "luxury".
We offer a dream dinner in executive dining. A first-class chef is coming to the hotel only for you and cook the dinner which is only available at luxury restaurants. You don't have to go to a restaurant because a restaurant is coming only for you. The dining is exactly the place where foodies can enjoy food privately.

■3F Room M
Use: Bedroom, Dressing room, Beauty salon, Bathroom

Those who are having busy lives do not even have a time to look at themselves. However, if they have a time look at themselves in the mirror, there would definitely be chances that they can discover something they haven't thought about. Room M is mirrored, so if you look around, you are going to find something new. For a large group, tow bedrooms are available. For a small group, you can use the rooms as bedrooms, but extra room can be used as a dressing room, a beauty salon, and a yoga studio etc.

■4F Room W
Use: Bedroom, Small kitchen, Bathroom.

Room W is totally different from the other floors because it is a VIP room. A full-glass bathroom creates extraordinary space, and you can spend luxury night in the room. This room is originally designed for two people, so you can relax by watching 65 inch TV just two of you, but also by adding extra beds, 6 people can be accommodated and that creates a warm and relaxing space. Like this, you can customize your stay on your own. If you see the room from the above, the layout of the beds shapes is W. This is why the room is called Room W, and you can never see this kind of layout in other hotels.

■5F Tower Bar
Use: Bar, Lounge, Open shower, Party

The tower bar makes you feel like you are in the rooftop bar in New York city.
It is very open air, but the privacy is secured. The half of the space is a counter bar, and the other half is atrium surrounded by the 6m of wall, so the space is all yours. If the weather is not too bad like typhoon, you can keep out the rain with a tarp. So more than 15 people can comfortably spend their time both inside and outside.

■RF Sky Terrace
Use: BBQ, Sunroom

The sky terrace which is located on the top of Tokyo Diagonal Tower can be said as 6F without a roof. Usually, the roof of building are just surrounded by handrails, but the terrace is covered by the more than 3m of wall, so the sky terrace keeps the balance between the openness and the privacy.
The floor of the terrace is paved with the anti-slip tiles from Italy, so you can enjoy BBQ safely with the people you care. The sky terrace is all yours.

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