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Brand new custom 860 square foot ground level apartment attached to a 2500 square foot shop. Shop noise will be minimized during your stay. The apartment is a 10 minute drive from downtown Palmer, 25 minutes from Hatcher Pass and a beautiful 45 minute drive from north Anchorage (60 minutes from the airport). The apartment is a great base location to explore Alaska with easy driving to hiking, fishing and local tourist attractions. Alaska state fairgrounds are a quick 15 minute drive away.

The apartment has one bedroom with a large living area and an open layout. Entry is keyless. Living room has a sofa bed. Kitchen is custom and fully equipped. Blackout blinds in the bedroom help you sleep at night even with the “midnight sun”. Walk in closet is large and contains extra blankets and linens. The bathroom has a large shower . A full size washer and dryer are available in the unit.

We are still working on the front deck and privacy fence.

Parking is available immediately in front of the unit.

Pets are welcome but MUST be on a leash at all times when outside.

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Palmer ألاسكا الولايات المتحدة

The apartment is on a 20 acre lot and shares space with two other houses, a large shop and a couple of chicken coops. The driveway is unpaved, and about 1/3 mile. We make sure the driveway is plowed in the winter but all-wheel or four-wheel drive is better during the winter. Take care with a low suspension car during all seasons as the driveway is bumpy.

The area in front of the apartment is a large gravel parking area. There is a small grassy area to the side of the building but not much of a lawn. We are working on getting some outdoor seating areas.

Children are welcome to play outside with adult supervision, though it will take some Alaskan creativity to find activities for the graveled area. There are many wild plants, flowers, and birds to see on a walk down the 1/3 mile driveway. You might find some edible berries along the walk in the summer but make sure you know your berries as there are also a few bane berries which are not edible.

The neighbors have bird feeders so there are lots of avian friends. Ravens and sandhill cranes are common flying overhead, and eagles and owls can occasionally be seen as well.

The mosquitoes can be almost as big as the birds and bug spray may be needed in spring or summer.

Moose are common in the winter and are occasional summer visitors so keep watch for them in the area as you explore outside.

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We will leave you to enjoy your privacy and your stay.

We are happy to answer questions by text or email but we can be available in person if desired.

We live on the same property as the apartment and can be readily available if you have questions.
We will leave you to enjoy your privacy and your stay.

We are happy to answer questions by text or email but we can be available in person if desired.


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