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Light and airy room, with private patio. This room has an en-suite bath and shower, king-sized bed. There is also a private outside shower.

Essere Lodge is a Guest Lodge, Spa and Intimate Events Venue situated in the countryside, close to the town of Tulbagh and on the Tulbagh wine route – just over an hour’s drive from Cape Town.
Set in a flowing indigenous garden with spectacular sunset views of the Witzenberg mountains, the lodge is the perfect getaway from your busy city life.
Accommodation at the lodge comprises eight comfortable suites with stunning views from your private patio. The décor is organic-industrial with soft natural furnishings.
The main hub is a spacious converted barn with modern styling and feel that’s still true to its farm-style roots. With floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy the view from the two terraces, or unwind with a book in front of the fireplace during the winter.

We also have a pool, a braai area, and a full bar featuring award-winning local wines and craft beer.
Breakfast is served in the dining area in the barn or the patios overlooking the garden and mountains.
Please note that Essere Lodge welcomes guests over 16 years of age unless otherwise promoted or the lodge is privately booked in its entirety.

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Tulbagh وويسترين كيب وجنوب أفريقيا

The basin has been inhabited for thousands of years by Indigenous Bushmen and Khoi peoples. It was about 300 years ago when, after a land grant by the Dutch Colonial Government to a more or less equal number of Dutch and Huguenot settlers to settle the area, that the town of Tulbagh was founded. The region was named "Land van Waveren" in 1699 by Willem Adriaan van der Stel in honour of the Oetgens van Waveren family, from which his mother was descended. Before this date, but also subsequent to it, the region had also been known as Roodezand ("red sand"). The region corresponds to the present Tulbagh district, named after Governor Ryk Tulbagh. The town developed slowly and over time and in the period many notable examples of Cape Dutch architecture, Victorian and Edwardian houses and other buildings such as the Oude Kerk (1743) and the Oude Drosdy (the original colonial Magistrate's complex) were built.

1969 Tulbagh earthquake
In September 1969 the Boland area was hit by an earthquake that caused considerable damage to the town of Tulbagh. Many of the Church Street buildings were destroyed. The extent of the damage was aptly described by the Journal Bulletin of the Simon van der Stel Foundation in 1973: "A street that somehow captured the essential spirit of a unique culture looked as if it was in the throes of a nightmare: many fine gables had either tumbled or were totally destroyed, whole sections of many houses had collapsed, most of the soft brick walls had burst open in wide cracks, plaster had been torn by off in large sheets, rafters and roofs had caved in. Everything appeared to be in total and irreparable ruin.”
After the disaster in Church Street, extensive projects of restoration began with the National Committee for the Restoration of Historic Buildings in Tulbagh and its Environment. Because of this work Tulbagh now contains possibly the largest number of Cape-Dutch, Edwardian and Victorian provincial heritage sites in one street in South Africa, which remains a major tourist attraction of the town to the present day. The work started by the committee has been continued to the present day by various residents of Tulbagh, but also significantly by the Tulbagh Valley Heritage Foundation, which aims to restore and maintain "all structures older than 60 years, the cultural landscape and undeveloped properties connected to the historical structures above".

The bowl is surrounded by the Obiqua Mountains to the west, Groot Winterhoek Mountain to the north and the Witzenberg Mountains to the east, with peaks that rise to over 1,500 metres (4,900 ft). The basin experiences a type of Mediterranean climate. The southern side is open to cooling south-east winds during the hot summer months. Accordingly, Tulbagh enjoys some of the most diverse and attractive conditions for viticulture in the Cape, and the differences in terroir available to wine makers allow for a wide diversity of distinctive wines.
The Groot Winterhoek Mountains are part of the Cape Fold Belt. They rise to a maximum height of 2,077 metres (6,814 ft) just north of the town of Tulbagh as Groot Winterhoek peak. The Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area, operated by CapeNature, comprises a conservation area of 30,608 ha.
Flora and Fauna
Many animals, such as baboons, bat-eared foxes, lynxes, and smaller species of antelope, live in parts of the valley, and it is known that leopards still occur in the mountain. Baboons are a common sight on the pass. The Witzenberg Valley is home to a wide variety of birds, including the Cape sugarbird and Verreaux's eagle.
Tulbagh today
Tulbagh hosts various events every year. In June, the village Christmas in Winter; in September the Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival showcases a variety of visual and performing arts; and the annual Tulbagh Horse & Agricultural Show. Tulbagh has also previously hosted the Absa Cape Epic mountain bike stage race, and does so again in 2020.
Wine production
Wine has been produced for many years in the basin on a commercial scale. There are now numerous wine estates in and around the town. The importance of this industry for the vicinity is substantial, so much so that many of the producers are now part of the Tulbagh Wine Route and this is attracting increasing numbers of tourists to Tulbagh who are eager to sample the wines produced by the members, which include Saronsberg, Krone, Rijks and Lemberg.

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The Owners live on site in the main house, and are present for arrival and departures. During your stay you will see us around and we are happy to chat as needed. We are also available via whats app should any queries arise or in the case of emergency.
The Owners live on site in the main house, and are present for arrival and departures. During your stay you will see us around and we are happy to chat as needed. We are also avail…
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