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Naval Baug farmstay, which is over a 100 years old ancestral home of the Rathore family, is a hidden gem only 2.5 hours from Udaipur, sitting at the foothills of Aravali mountains, next to the Kumbhalgarh National Park. An effortless, traditional Rajasthani farmstay- it aims to be a solace for you, away from the chaotic city life by surrounding you with the scent and breeze from a thousand trees of Lemon, gooseberry, figs and guava!

The century-old traditional Rajasthani home was converted into a farmstay for the convenience for guests who wished to stay back, away from the cities, and bask in peace. Boasting of no florid detailing, the accommodation gives you a homely feel with an effortless Rajasthani ‘gharelu’ (homely) style decor.
6 double-occupancy rooms are available for accommodation. Scrumptious local cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the stay.
The farmlands are beautiful, with lots of peacocks and parrots visiting during the evenings to snack and the crops.

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Ranakpur راجستان الهند

There’s a myriad of things to indulge in here. One can opt for a peaceful stay, a slightly adventurous one, an informative one with a stroll to the organic produce workshop or an interactive one with a visit to the nearby villages! A walk around the ‘bageecha’ (garden), embraced by a thousand trees is sure to refresh the most exhausted souls. The hosts also encourage you to make your own food on the traditional chulha, learn local dishes. You can also enjoy some interesting Rajput clan family stories alongside - the family has many to share! The nearby villages of Malari, Viliya and Latara can be visited to interact with the Shepherd community here. For the more adventurous guest, the Aravali Mountains and the Kumbhalgarh National Park are grounds for a Panther safari in the night, a night tractor Safari. Camel safari,

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The Rathore family strives to provide a peaceful, organic retreat to guests, while also introducing them to a more organic way of life. The host Surendraji, who formerly worked as a Lawyer, left that life to pursue organic farming. He now manages the farm entirely, along with the Homestay. His brother, Dr.Bhupendrasingh Rathore, is an environmentalist, who, wanting to introduce people to the organic options, started manufacturing them at the farm. His company today sells organic soaps, hair oils, delectable pickles and sherbet (juice) and chutney made from gooseberry, lemon and ‘lasoda’. They started a farmstay, turning their familial house into one, in 2011 after being encouraged by clients who wanted a glimpse at such a life.
The Rathore family strives to provide a peaceful, organic retreat to guests, while also introducing them to a more organic way of life. The host Surendraji, who formerly worked as…
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