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The R&R House private apartment is the best combination of comfort, value, and a tiny touch of luxury. Have the privacy of your place but at the cost of a shared room.

This apartment is attached to our main R&R House which includes private rooms and bunk rooms, which help keep our cost down. We strive to provide you the best value in Montgomery.

The house is a little old and the furnishings are modest, but we hope to provide you with a budget-friendly getaway for the night.

The space is a completely private, equipped 1 bedroom apartment. The space is small but well used! You have everything you need. There is a cozy living space downstairs and a stocked kitchenette upstairs.

Here are some helpful heads-up!!

The bathroom is old and quite tiny. The shower has a few hard water stains which won't come up no matter how much we scrub. Also the toilet is in a tight space, so it can be difficult to maneuver around.

The Wifi connection is spotty in the apartment. It is strongest in the downstairs living room. We have recently updated with a Wifi booster to try to help combat this.
If you are planning on doing some remote work or school work, we recommend planning to hit a coffee shop, or you can work in dining room of our shared house Airbnb (which is next-door).

There is a flight of stairs in the unit leading up to the kitchenette. So guests will need to be able to climb stairs.

The apartment is an old building and has older wiring. As a result, you can't plug in too many things at once or it will overload the breaker. Please be mindful of too many things plugged in at once and space heaters.

Please let us know if you have any questions!! We want to make sure you have the best comfortable and affordable stay!

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  1. انضم في فبراير 2020
  • 29 تقييمًا
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Hello, my name is Kee ! I’m the operations manger of the R and R hostel house. Not only is this R and R extremely attractive, we offer 3 different resting options. As a operations manager, my main focus is to keep my customers happy. I am a God fearing woman, and positivity is flowing through the hostel house.
Hello, my name is Kee ! I’m the operations manger of the R and R hostel house. Not only is this R and R extremely attractive, we offer 3 different resting options. As a operations…

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  • Eric

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My name is Kee and I am the host and manage the property. Please reach out to me on Airbnb messenger if you need anything.
    لحماية المبالغ المدفوعة، لا تقُم بتحويل الأموال أو التواصل خارج موقع أو تطبيق Airbnb.

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    تسجيل الوصول: 3:00 م - 12:00 ص
    تسجيل المغادرة: 10:00 ص
    تسجيل الوصول الذاتي من خلال لوحة المفاتيح
    غير مناسبة للأطفال والرضع
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