India's best farmstay in Rustic Rajasthan

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How it feels to live on a farm? We all have that one fantasy to live a village life once in lifetime. We yearn for that peace, unity, warmth, wholesomeness, and most importantly a natural and a beautiful life. Farm-stay at a remote location, lip-smacking meals, exotic birds, star-studded skies, experience all this and much more.! For an experience synonymous with home away from home.

Spread over a whopping 130 acres of lush farmland, it is a boutique Farm-stay set in the rustic beauty of the countryside located in Bankli in the Pali district of Rajasthan. Away from the chaos of city, away from exhausting duties and closer to nature's laps, you get to spend the day at peace & fun simultaneously. This farm-stay experience is the ideal break to experience the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The unpolluted surroundings allow you to relax and rejuvenate in the true sense of the term…The real meaning of peace is best experienced at this tranquil getaway. Fill your life with experiences because in the end all you have is memories. It has a complete package to offer you as an experience which you can’t even gather after travelling the whole Rajasthan. It has a small yet complete world in it. Talking about the different kind of experiences & activities, one can do a lot at the Farm or choose between different excursions that we offer.

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The neighbourhood includes the great farmlands and lots of space to roam around. The guests will feel like their own home.

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I hail from the small but beautiful true Indian village of Bankli. From there, I had the opportunity of travelling to places around the country including the major cities and places like Goa, Himachal and other parts of the country. However, the cities started inspiring me to come back to the village and to work there. Once being here and realising its importance over the cities, I thought it is important for all to see the village life.

Apart from this, I am an author as well and have published a book called Corporate Karm Yogi that combines Gita with self management. And I am a non believer in the word "no".
I hail from the small but beautiful true Indian village of Bankli. From there, I had the opportunity of travelling to places around the country including the major cities and place…

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I love talking to my guests, learning about their stories and telling them ours. I understand that some guests prefer their own space and respect that.
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