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As early as the Edo period, the ancient roads that started with the Nihonbashi were lined with shops. With the development of modern society, famous department stores such as Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya have also gathered near Nihonbashi.

Elegant department store
The two oldest department stores in Japan, "Mitsukoshi" and "Takashimaya", are representative buildings of Nihonbashi. Both are located on the main road "Central Avenue" that runs through the north and south, across the stone-built Nihonbashi. According to one party. Not only can you enjoy top-quality services and purchase high-quality goods in department stores built in the 1930s, but you can also visit the glorious modern building "COREDO Muromachi", which houses traditional specialty shops, modern craft shops, and stylish restaurants. In addition, there are various small shops in the alleys selling traditional Japanese confectionery and custom-made fine chopsticks.

Cultural intersection
Why not take a cruise from Nihonbashi to explore the waterways like a maze through Tokyo, or participate in the "Japanese Cultural Experience" of "COREDO Muromachi", including tea ceremony, kimono try-in and traditional crafts. Nihonbashi not only has many banks and companies, but also world-class art galleries and galleries, such as the "Mitsui Memorial Art Museum", which houses traditional Japanese art works, and the "Kite Museum", which displays 3,000 precious paper kites.

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Chuo City Tōkyō-to اليابان

A neighborhood that blends Tokyo's past with the face of a modern capital
Nihonbashi near Ginza and Tokyo Station perfectly blends the charm of the past with ultra-modern architecture. It flourished as a commercial center during the Edo period (1603-1867) and became the starting point of the five main streets that penetrated Japan. Reference point for Japanese leveling. Its urban planning also fully considers this traditional foundation, and pays great attention to the integration of temples, bridges and historic department stores with modern skyscrapers. On the streets, there are not only old-fashioned restaurants that retain the traditional characteristics of the Edo period but continue to be modernized. They also see gorgeous kimono shops and shops that specialize in seaweed, soy sauce, gold leaf or kitchen knives. In the shadow of dazzling high-rise buildings, look for the endless traditional culture of Tokyo.

Nihonbashi is a bridge that spans the Nihonbashi River in Chuo, Tokyo, Japan. It is also a place and town name of a nearby business district. Since the Edo period, it has been a major commercial and financial center. The surrounding area still retains a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Representative financial institutions and many architectural landscapes listed as important cultural properties of Japan. In addition, there are specialty stores and restaurants with historical flavors that have opened since the Edo period. They are worth visiting and taking pictures in Japan. Souvenir spots.

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我和妻子组成的跨国婚姻,让我们的房子变得更加多元化!和家人一起经营民宿,让管理更加到位!我们用心,认真的最好服务,让来自世界各地的朋友感受到宾至如归的感觉!世界很大,来旅行吧,感受真正的日本文化,从我家开始! 私と妻の国際結婚は、私たちのホテルをより多様化させました!家族と一緒に旅館を経営し、管理をよりきちんとする!私たちは心を込めて、真面目に最高のサービスを提供し、世界各地から来た友達に家庭的な感じを感じさせます!世界が大きいから、旅行に来て、本当の日本文化を感じて、私の家から始めましょう!
我和妻子组成的跨国婚姻,让我们的房子变得更加多元化!和家人一起经营民宿,让管理更加到位!我们用心,认真的最好服务,让来自世界各地的朋友感受到宾至如归的感觉!世界很大,来旅行吧,感受真正的日本文化,从我家开始! 私と妻の国際結婚は、私たちのホテルをより多様化させました!家族と一緒に旅館を経営し、管理をよりきちんとする!私たちは心を込めて、真面目に最高のサービ…

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