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Escape into the scenic sunsets and beautiful blue-green waters of the ARUBA. you sleep aboard luxury yacht AZIMUT 42 . Docked in pier at the Aruba main touristic street in middle of the night live of the island. this Luxury yacht offers 02 private stateroom and that comfortably sleeps two guests per stateroom and is complete with 02 bathroom and full kitchen/ dining area, A/C, WiFi TV. You will supported by the Capitan who stay in the 3rd stateroom.Super Host Captain welcomes you to paradise!

Enjoy a unique, five-star experience from your private apartment aboard this 42 AZIMUT yacht on the Caribbean sea with all the comforts from home. Our multi-unit vessel is docked in the pier of the main touristic street of Aruba. Enjoy exciting sea adventures and relaxing into the sunset. It's your front row seat to all things ocean, including the sights and sounds of the sea.
Please note, the boat does not leave the dock. Is only for sleep.

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The main cabin is inviting and open with plenty of room to gather around, lounge on the sofa and kick-back with family and friends while gazing the ocean-front vistas. The lounge sofa is spacious and can be utilized for a bed.

The first stateroom or main stateroom has a mattress for two guests. This comfortable stateroom includes a bathroom with sink and vanity and has A/C, WiFi and TV. The second stateroom has 2 individual beds. In the livingroom there a 2 nd bathroom. there is un 3rd stateroom tnat is for Captain use. The Captain is allways will be near for support you.
The kitchen and dining area offer a bright and cheerful space for preparing meals and coming together. Complete with electric stove, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and coffee-maker, the kitchenette provides all the necessities for preparing meals, making cocktails, and sipping coffee. The dining table sits four adults comfortably and is a nice spot for playing card games and just hanging out for a snack. An outdoor grill is also available.
The yacht is air conditioned and fully equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguisher and first-aid kit. Security officers are present 24/7.

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