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Shelter 96 is right on the edge of the National Park. The deck and living area look right out over it.

It’s been designed to offer just the right amount of shelter to keep you immersed in the place. Because that’s what we’re all here for.

Indoor fireplace, hammock, and views that’ll break your heart. Simple luxuries to keep you comfortably staring out the window, like a minibar of local treats for when you can't bear to leave.

Shelter 96 is a simple structure with wooden interiors and lots of windows. In the front of the house there is a big open-plan area with a fully kitted-out kitchen, three couches, large dining table, TV and wood heater. In the other half of the house, on the same level, there are two* double bedrooms and a bathroom coming off a central hallway.

There are also lots of outdoor spaces that feel continuous with the house. There is a front balcony off the living/kitchen area, a north facing deck to the side of the house with BBQ and outdoor table, and a westward deck at the back with hammock, sun chairs and fire pit.

Additionally, your backyard is the National Park. A two minute walk though it takes you to Richardson’s Beach, and a 20min sunset walk along this will get you directly to the Freycinet Lodge for cocktail hour.

We provide wood for the fire in autumn, winter and spring but not over summer.

*We prepare one or two bedrooms, depending on your booking size. See ‘guest access’ below for more details.

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Coles Bay تسمانيا أستراليا

Butting up against the Freycinet National Park, the neighbourhood is red rock, granite beaches, and gorgeous coastal bushland. Neighbours include the owl in the driveway and the possums in the backyard. Sometimes the frogs in the gully can be quite loud. From the front deck in the morning you’ll be able to watch all sorts of birds and if you look down at dusk there might be wallabies and pademelon on the edge of the park. In the afternoons there’s often a Wedgie or a Sea Eagle overhead, and if you go down to the beach slightly later you might see an Eagle Ray in the shallows. If you’ve got line handy there’s squid and flathead about.

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A host will be available by phone and in person for any issues during your stay.
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