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The Algarve country side with beautiful sea views.

Bela Vista is more than just accommodation, its amazing sunsets, its nature, its birds singing, its happy guests, its beautiful sea and mountain views.

There are 3 other houses in the property, two outdoor cats: Oscar & Kiki, a friendly dog: flora and a real community feel.

We have occasional events with few people and yoga classes.

Come and enjoy our lovely community of wellness in the sunny algarve all year around.

Due to the current circumstances I would like to re-assure you of the property and its layout:

1. There is lots of space, although some areas are shared (i.e Pool and BBQ house), we will ensure each house has everything you need to enjoy your stay and feel at ease! Each house has its own BBQ, table and chairs outside as well as sun beds.

2. There is lots of space around our garden & property, we have a forest of 4 hectars of cypress tress, carob trees and orange trees to name a few. This is country side so you can feel safe all year around!

3. There is so much NATURE to ENJOY, our trees have so many beautiful birds, fruits, the beach is only a 5 min cycle and you can enjoy flamingos and many other birds there! There is also a cycle path through the nature reserve Ria formosa - 250 KM through the Algarve- where you can enjoy nature and cycle peacefully!

4. There are many beaches nearby, why not cycle there or why not paddle board? You can grab one of the paddle boards and easily get to Armona Island, its so close by!

5. Internet is shared, but I have a 65GB Monthly portable internet I can provide to you if you need to work remotely! the internet is fast here :)

These are a few reasons you can still enjoy your holiday, we are obviously keeping an eye on things and happy to discuss your reservations, but corona virus hardly affected the Algarve with VERY FEW CASES. So you can be assured you will be SAFE and enjoy your holiday.

Any questions let me know, but we had French guests unable to return to France on lockdown and they had a great time, because they were here in nature and they could enjoy birds, trees, beach, ria formosa and cycling nearby.

Note that are also taking extra care cleaning properties after each guest.

Have no doubts, the Algarve is the place you can be safe and ENJOY :)
Much Love, Sara & Family

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Hello, I am Sara and I have lived in the UK for over a decade, now i am back to my origins. My life in London was about events, now I am working on creating beautiful holiday experiences, yoga, events and experiences @belavistaretreat. I like to keep active so I cycle and paddle board lots in the algarve. I am a yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator and I also like to play music. Bela Vista is more than just accomodation, we are a wellness holiday community, we do yoga classes and share experiences, events and have fun. Bela Vista was created in 2019 and its a family business, we are working to improve the space, so if you are booking with months of advance you will see some progress. We are passionate about nature and the environment, we upcycle, re use and and working towards becoming more conscious, using water from the rain and soon power from the sun.
Hello, I am Sara and I have lived in the UK for over a decade, now i am back to my origins. My life in London was about events, now I am working on creating beautiful holiday exper…

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