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2BR - Cozy and peaceful place in ShinCheon

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This place is recently renovated place, cozy and peaceful place for family group.

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Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu وسول وكوريا الجنوبية

الاستضافة بواسطة Yundo

انضم في أكتوبر 2015
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* Who am I? - Yundo * I am open minded, kind, very optimistic and my mood balances between calm and energetic;) :D I love to listen interesting, funny or unbelievable stories. I was majoring in Mechnical engineering in Hanyang uni. Currently, I am working as an qulity enginner in German Automotive company. Usually I work 8:30 to 5:30 during the week, maybe we can have a nice or very very traditional food in dinner if we have a chance to! In weekend, breakfast, lunch and dinner! * Why I'm on Airbnb * I'm interested in the cultures and ways of living, where i'm staying, so what would be better than Airbnb to meet up with locals? :D I love to help someone, who looks for a place to stay ― I'd be happy as well, if I found a place to stay. :) When I was a univ. student, I had a lot of flexible times. So, at that time, I've been fortunate to travel to 20+ countries around the world. Now, I am working as a engineer, Airbnb could make me satisfing as an alternative to make new friends. I'd like to give back and help people travel the world as well. * Interests * • Triathlon - Swimming, Cycling, Running. • Drawing - You can see some of pics I drawn in the living room. :) • Exploring & Travelling (places, cultures ...) • Collect and sharing new experiences. - Talk to me your amazing experiences. • Singing Listening to music - If you come to Korea, should go Karaoke! • Gaming (board-games, video-games, drinking-games!?...) • ... * Countries I've traveled * United states, China, Russia, Turkey, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Australia, India, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Camboida, Laos, Ladark, Singapore, Canada, Peru, Bolivia * Countries I've Lived In * South Korea, United states, Canada ================================================= * About me - Jihoon * Hello my name is Ji Hoon Seo. But you can just call me Ji . Now I’m studying in Hanyang University. And my major is sports industry and management. Yun Do and I are co-host of our house and I met him in running club in Hanyang university. We are very close friend and it is so fun that we become co-host. I am very active, kind and friendly. I love to drink, eat and talk with friends. I usually spend my time with my friends and in watching the movie and listening the music. Also I like football and running . If you want, we can go to watch football game in Seoul. I’m looking forward to meet you! * Why I'm on Airbnb * In my university, I met a lot of friends from the world. With my friends, I can understand the other culture. It was so fun and interesting. After this experience, I really enjoy meeting new people from the world. So when Yun Do said how about host the room for traveler, I think this will be a great chance. If I host room for traveler, I can meet new people and learn new culture. So we decided to open the house for traveler . I can’t wait to meet new friends. Feel free to contact us! * What I like most* • Drinking • Drink again. XD • Go to café with friends and talk • Eat good and delicious food • Watching movi (Website hidden by Airbnb) • Playing and watching football • Game (video game (Website hidden by Airbnb) Shopping (clothes) *One Amazing Thing I’ve Done* - Losing 8 kg in one month while I prepared for my physical strength test for university admission. (but I gained 13kg now haha. - Drink 4 bottle of soju in a row (Website hidden by Airbnb) Become a host in Airbnb *Teach, Learn, Share* I know how to mix soju and beer, call me So-Mac mastero. Also I can make Korean style cocktail. If you want to try I can make it for you! *Which country I want to visit* I really want to visit Germany, France, Spain, England, Czech, Romania, China, Mexico, Honduras, USA and Canada. I also want to visit other countries.
* Who am I? - Yundo * I am open minded, kind, very optimistic and my mood balances between calm and energetic;) :D I love to listen interesting, funny or unbelievable stories. I wa…
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