The Maid’s Quarters at the 1854 Peck House

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نبذة عن مسكن Louise

If you love old houses like we do, come stay here and feel the history, the wisdom, the unique character oozing out of every 170 year-old brick or creaking floorboard. We have painstakingly renovated these quarters for your comfort, without losing the sense of ages past. So come and enjoy all the creature comforts as well as the twisting stairway and cozy rooms that will promise to transport you to another century! You won’t soon forget the Peck House!

We love the abundant community space in the Maid’s Quarters. The main floor living room has a good conversation area; upstairs, accessible by a stairway, there are two bedrooms separated by a common area for watching movies or making plans for the day. The newly renovated kitchen and bathroom are located on the first floor. Although the kitchen does not have a conventional stove, it does have several appliances that allow you many cooking options. The kitchen includes a convection oven, Keurig coffee maker, refrigerator, water warmer, microwave, the widely popular INSTANT POT which allows browning, sauteing , steaming, slow cooking and pressure cooking possibilities (a cookbook is nearby on the shelf), and a two-burner cook top by Cuisinart with a selection of gourmet pots and pans to give you endless options.
Weather permitting, there is patio space with a grill for your favorite outdoors creations and a large fenced tree-filled yard…. with a great tree swing! All are ideal as a gathering place for family and friends.
We do request no smoking on the site.

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Rockford وإلينوي والولايات المتحدة

This grand old Peck House (1854) is one of many significant homes in Haight Village, an urban neighborhood listed on the National Historic Register. We are only a short walk to our vibrant downtown, but it feels anything but urban…. Enjoy our large fenced yard, a tree swing, and patio living…..peace and quiet.
And when you are ready, you are minutes from most of the finest, most innovative bars and restaurants in the city! So you can have the best of both worlds!

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Louise, your on-site host, will be available by phone/ text or by email. Ann, your off-site host, can also be reached by phone/text or email.

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