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Amazing - Industrial Contemporary Southtown Loft

مضيف متميزLone Star وسان أنطونيو وتكساس
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If you are a fan of industrial-contemporary design and minimalism, then you are going to absolutely love this 720 Sq Ft loft. Fully furnished for your long term stay needs! Located just a stones throw away from the River walk and within skipping distance of the booming art scene and nightlife of Southtown. This location will make your stay in San Antonio unforgettable.

Located on the top floor (3rd floor), this former timber warehouse, was built in 1946 and renovated in 2006 to stand out in the age of prefabricated condo/apartment style living.
I personally remodeled this unit in 2019 to make it a dream to stay in. The spacious kitchen, lofted bed, and beautiful walk in shower give this loft a luxurious feel. With Solid concrete floors and soaring 16 foot concrete ceilings, this is a one-of-a-kind location that books out very fast.

The bedroom was inspired by my travels though Korea. Space being at a premium I was amazed at how spacious they were able to make their homes feel by lofting their beds. Inspired, I did the same thing! Turning the lower level into a spacious bedroom and the upper level, accessed via a ladder, into space that can be used for whatever you want. Perhaps a reading area?

The Bathroom was painstakingly redone over the course of several grueling weekends. Liberated of the old shower tub in 2019, a fancy walk-in shower was installed in its place. A shower panel was added to complete the project, making every showertime a memorable one.

Parking is available on site. The parking space, is a "Shotgun" parking space, that accommodates 2 cars. "Shotgun" meaning it is one long parking space that can accommodate 2 normal sized cars or one fire truck sized car and a bicycle.

You are going to love staying at this place. The location, amenities, my neighbors, and loft are all amazing. This will truly make your stay in San Antonio something you will never forget.

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Other amenities:
-24 hour Fitness Center
-Roof top Patio
-Gated/Coded entry

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Important Notes for all Guests
This condo wears its industrial roots on its sleeve: it's located right next to an active train line. While some people (like me) love trains, some can find them annoying. The good news is that the train traffic is relatively light. The train generally comes 1-2 times during the day and 1-2 times during the night. (9pm ish and 2am ish) Sometimes more, sometimes less...such is the way with freight-lines. For safety purposes, the train will blow its horn at the crossing for about 10 secs. The train is on the other side of the building as the unit, so you most likely will not hear it. I personally sleep right through the train horn, but I wanted you to be aware that it exists.

You should also know that the loft bed is accessed via a ladder and there are no guard rails on the edges of the loft. There is plenty of room to maneuver up there, but this is also something you should know.

If you have any questions about the train, the loft, or anything else, please just ask. I'm happy to answer any questions you have, and I want your stay to be everything you're looking for.
If you are a fan of industrial-contemporary design and minimalism, then you are going to absolutely love this 720 Sq Ft loft. Fully furnished for your long term stay needs! Located just a stones throw away from…

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Lone Star وسان أنطونيو وتكساس

The condo is located in the old warehouse district of San Antonio. While many buildings in this area have been renovated, the area still maintains its industrial feel.

الاستضافة بواسطة Ian

انضم في ديسمبر 2014
  • 17 تقييمًا
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  • مضيف متميز
Hi! A passion of mine is interior design and hosting people in the spaces that I design. I hope you find my places comfortable and unique! Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to answer!
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I will meet you at the condo when you check in so I can show you the place and answer any questions you might have during your stay
Ian مضيف متميّز
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