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Situated in the heart of the city - right next to the Faculty of Agriculture, Krusevac’s first business apartment is just a 2-min. walk from its symbol (the Monument to the Kosovo Heroes). The brand new penthouse is modernly designed and fully furnished. It is available for both long-term and short-term rent and suitable for any business occasion.

The fully equipped living room features an open-concept space, efficiently and stylishly unifying the living space and the dining area. Also, this room consists of a work desk with a PC and a wall-mounted folding bed for your complete convenience. Its enormous windows provide plenty of light, making the whole place even cozier.

With a queen-size bed and a 55-inch TV facing it, the elegantly decorated room will ensure a quality sleep and entertainment after your busy day. In addition, room-darkening curtains are available for your perfect rest. Despite its central location, the bedroom as well as the entire apartment is extremely quiet.

The suite has a bathroom and a separate WC with a toilet, sink and fitted cabinet. The bathroom features a large shower with a thermostatic shower valve and panic button, a wide sink, and a toilet. This room is completely equipped with all necessary bathroom furniture and facilities.

The apartment offers a fully equipped kitchen, with a range hood, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, oven, coffee machine, and wine cooler. Cutlery is provided as well. There is a 7-piece dining set that includes a sleek table and 6 superbly comfortable chairs for your relaxed mealtime.

Placed at the top of the building, the apartment’s balcony gives stunning views of the city. The outdoor space enables you to enjoy the most significant landmarks, such as the Monument to the Kosovo Heroes, the City Hall, Bagdala, etc. The balcony set comes with 2 trendy and cozy chairs and a table.

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Penthouse is located in the very heart of the city, in the neighborhood blessed with historical and cultural gems.

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