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Granja El Roble is a fully functioning farm and nature retreat situated 16 km’s outside Concepcion Paraguay. Currently on the farm we have a Tapir, a 7000 litre aquarium filed with two large pacu and many other varieties of local tropical fish, a howler monkey, a family of toucans, a couple of caiman in the lakes, and endless indigenous birds and animals constantly passing through.

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El Roble has very comfortable accommodation and excellent traditional Paraguayan and German cuisine. Almost all ingredients are sourced from the farm. If you would like to strike out from the farm we provide many trips and adventure activities. There is an internet connection on the farm and a large collection of quality books, many available for exchange.

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Belén Departamento de Concepción باراغواي

Walking from the farm one can reach the Rio Ypane which is perfect bird watching country. This has many dense and secretive paths that can be explored, offering excellent opportunities to witness a true gallery forest. As well as many water birds there are also Howler and Capuchin monkeys.

We also take trips into the Chaco which is a 50 min drive away. Once there we travel onto private farms (estancias) and get right into the middle of one of the best and least explored bird areas in South America. As well as a huge variety of birds there will also be the chance to see caimen, snakes and giant anteaters.

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Piter is an old german living since nearly 30 years in Py. Since 1995 he develops the farm how used to be a desert without threes no water. 2002 we startet hosting guests an running the restaurant.
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