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We invite you to enjoy our Patagonian loft, located on the ground floor, with no stairs to access but with a wooden deck over a beautiful patio. It has 1 bedroom with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, kitchen, living room, bathroom and laundry room. We offer a stove to enjoy the winter, a large garden, refrigerator, gas heating, kitchen, washing machine, TV and WiFi. You will also have semi-covered space to store 1 vehicle.

The loft was an old barn of commercial use of 60m2, which was completely restored for a house, with a very original layout. It has a large kitchen with a very comfortable table of lenga, and a bar of the same wood with two stools for breakfast, or to enjoy while your partner cooks. It also has a table for 4 people, also lenga, specially built by a carpenter for that place. We put a lot of dedication in creating a warm, welcoming and very patagonian place, with a wooden lamp with vintage spotlights, a wood stove, a comfortable armchair by his side and the tranquility of being in the middle of Patagonia and even more in the middle of a block with a beautiful garden and a few blocks away from the city downtown.

The land in which it is located is very wide, landscaped and with fruit trees, you will be able to enjoy cherries, apples or pears taken from the tree, sunbathing, or see how the snow falls and gathers, depending on the time of the year in which you visit us.

We love the idea of ​​receiving travelers in our beloved loft, and that is why we welcome you with open arms, eager to tell you everything you can visit in our wonderful area and with homemade bread made by ourselves, so that you can have a tasty breakfast.

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Esquel Chubut الأرجنتين

The neighborhood is quiet and especially central. 2 blocks away is a very complete and good quality butcher, 4 blocks away there is a self-serve rotiseria with a wide variety of ready-to-go meals. 4 blocks away is the supermarket "La Anónima" which is a large supermarket to be supplied. 4 blocks approximately is located downtown with shops. 3 blocks a YPF filling station. 6 blocks away approximately there are new breweries like Blest to enjoy a rich beer. And many places more like Esquel's tastiest pasta house or desserts of red fruits to enjoy.

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We will be available for any event, suggestion or question, 6 minutes away from the loft.

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