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Innovators Valley is a perfect spot to stay when you are in Zarasai district. Discalced Carmelites Monastery is an authentic historical building in a small town of Antaliepte. We are young people, who are enthusiastic in meeting new people, getting to know their background, showing them around. During the warm season, we always hold events, where you might get involved if you wanted, or just enjoy the nature of Gražutes regional park, ride a bike or swim in a lake.

Discalced Carmelites Monastery is now in our care (Innovators Valley an NGO organisation). It is mainly used for various non-formal education camps, gatherings or festivals. Downstairs we have woodwork workshops, which is used when camps are held. So, you might get a chance to work with locals and maybe even make something small during your stay:) Also, we have bikes, which you can rent out and explore Antaliepte whilst riding a bike. Also, Antaliepte is by the river Šventoji (The Saint - river, which starts and ends in Lithuania), where you can enjoy a swim or grab a kayak and let it take you to the bigger waters :) There is plenty of space around our territory, where you can enjoy a calm stay, without even going anywhere.
So, you can have a quite and calm or active and adventures stay with us!

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Zarasai District Municipality Utena County ليتوانيا

-There is a small super market in Antaliepte, where you can buy some basic food or hygiene products.
-There is a very friendly community of Antaliepte, who can organise a tour or bake you the loveliest pancakes by their traditional recipes. (this needs to be agreed on in advance)
- „Šavaša trail” is famous in Lithuania for its beautiful sceneries. It is around 2km long and takes you all the way to the mountain river - Šavaša.
-„Lūžų” stone - is around 5km away from us and you can hike there in order to see and feel one of the oldest pagan ritual spots in Lithuania.
-Antaliepte has one of the first hydroelectric power stations in Lithuania. It looks magnificent and worth a visit too.
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We are here for you, with our best wishes and a sincere believe that Discalced Carmelites Monastery, Antaliepte and it surroundings are magical. So, we are here for you. Always ready to answer your questions, show around or (if available) go on hikes with you.
We are here for you, with our best wishes and a sincere believe that Discalced Carmelites Monastery, Antaliepte and it surroundings are magical. So, we are here for you. Always re…
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