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3 ضيوف, غرفتين نوم 2, 3 أسرّة, حمام واحد خاص
واي فاي
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نبذة عن مسكن Angelina

Room I is large and can cater for up to 2-3 people for reduced fee of $230 each per week. Bed and Breakfast.
It is fully equipped and newly carpeted.
Room 2 all though still large is suitable for 1 person. $300 per week .
Bathroom is between the two rooms.

My home is modern, light and open. It has a nice feel as soon as you enter, with its open living area and private sleeping area. The yard is small and green with a sitting area and spa. This area Perth has every thing that will make your stay a happy one.
It is quiet, safe and friendly. Walking distance to most places desirable.

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غرفة النوم 1
1 سرير مفرد
غرفة النوم 2
1 سرير مزدوج و1 سرير بطابقين

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Victoria Park واستراليا الغربيّة وأستراليا

The neighborhood is very quiet an lush with greenery. Has a higher socio-economic population and safe place to live with plenty of parks,close to restaurants, city and river nearby.
Best location in Perth for everything .

الاستضافة بواسطة Angelina

انضم في أبريل 2017
  • 1 تقييم
Mature with a young spirit, with strong desire to learn about other cultures. Enjoy - Young people, who are hungry for knowledge . Love dogs and animals in general. Relish in my profession being, Bridal and Evening Wear Couture/Design. Adore my two children in 30s and I love Perth. Enjoy my Work, quality friendships,the arts,reading & travel yearly. Generally I enjoy a simple quiet life with people I love around me. The people I host usually stay longer, therefore a connection is established making this a 'home' for all living within. When meals are included in the stay the dinner table becomes a place of stories and learning about different cultures.I have done home stays for over a period of 11years and have largely enjoyed this time. My philosophy is - We are equal human beings wanting acknowledgment, sharing this "country' called earth", and My Motto "You be good to me and I will be extra good to you"
Mature with a young spirit, with strong desire to learn about other cultures. Enjoy - Young people, who are hungry for knowledge . Love dogs and animals in general. Relish in my pr…

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I am friendly and like to learn about other cultures. i will assist guests with sights to see in Perth , assist with English and help where possible.
  • معدل الاستجابة: 100%
  • وقت الاستجابة: خلال يوم
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