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If you would like to escape from the tourist place etc. Phuket, Samui Island, Koh phangan, Phi phi Island, krabi, and sneak to a real nature of local Thai peoples, stay with our small family, we count on you to be our part of our family, We work with tourist so long time till we know how to love n help.. We plant all veggetable n fruit in our garden. Your guys can join us. We sharing all. Our home stay 15 min from Nakorn Si thammarat Airport, 20 min from center with bus and train station there.

My place is a bamboo hut. Our house in the Rubber tree plantation, and my house only 15 min aways from the airport, 20 min to town, bus and train station. Our house next to big Waterfalls called AI Kiew waterfall and Phrom Lok waterfall only 15bmin from our house, in my village we got local market every Tuesday and next to our village got also local market that all local peoples sharing and selling food to each other with very cheap food, 5 baht is lower price, you can walk from my house to Tuesday local market. In Nakorn Si thammarat we got lots of Attraction place, in town we got one main history temple called. Wat phra mahatath.. Only 20min drive or local taxi, stay with us.. Very comfortable in anyways, if you want to book a tour for sightseeing other place, we will show you around with cheap price, pls visit. We waiting for you. :)

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From my province.(1).. #Nakorn sri thammarat.. Next to... (2) Surat Thani province- and Donsak pier 🛳️🛥️that have a ferry going to koh Samui Island /Phangan island/ Koh tao🏝️... ❤️Only 1.30 hr from my home to Donsak pier🏡😍.. You can take a ferry there⛴️.. My home so closed.. AND my home next to ✈️✈️Nakorn sri thammarat Airport✈️✈️ only 15 min.. #Dropby at my home stay to see Temple n waterfall.. All nature arond you.. Why you run to the tourist place and pay expensive stuff.. If you want party then go there..( 3)Krabi.. Far from my province 3 hrs. Krabi have Phi phi Island and Lanta island..( 4) Phang Nga : 4 hrs from my home town.. - Khao lak is a tourist place here.( 5)PHUKET far from my home town 5 hrs. But it ok for me as my grandma n family living there so we must go up and down on the time with our private car or mini van 180bath.

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  1. انضم في يناير 2016
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Dear lovely clients, New & Old :)) (Website hidden by Airbnb) **Jutha.. Still here.. :) Now I just wanted to developing my home town too. Its called Nakorn Si thammarat province. And other big important thing Look after my "old parent" can't let them to stay alone anymore, Nakorn Si thammarat, not far from Don sak pier, only 1.20hr. If your guys want to be chilling also party a bit.. You can stay in Nakorn Si thammarat. my village called.. Baan Na.. In Phrom khiri distric, my home town Very nature and Quiet place to chill, if your guys looking for real life Thai culture you must visit our home stay in a bamboo hut.. very cozy n lovely, you will love it.. (Ps: To: all my previous clients.. I would like to informed you that.. I sold my lovely" blue hostel in koh phangan " (See Sea Backpackers House) :(. A bit sad but must let it go..As me and my brother's Boy.. No time to look after there anymore.. If your guys like or love Nature and Culture.. Temples, waterfall, Trekking, Cave.. You must Visit me and my brother's Boy again :) We will look after you as a family member here the same Take care and talk soon. Big hugs. Jutha and Boy..
Dear lovely clients, New & Old :)) (Website hidden by Airbnb) **Jutha.. Still here.. :) Now I just wanted to developing my home town too. Its called Nakorn Si thammarat province. A…

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Guests can contact us anytime, we live the same area. Next to each other, you can call us 24 hr :)
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