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FUJITAYA BnB is modern & classical guesthouse with Japanese style you can sleep Futon But space is not big like common Japanese home, feel real Japanese! FUJITAYA BnB is just 1 stop from Kyoto station!10 min walk from JR Nishioji Sta, located in Center of Kyoto.
Go by bus anywhere.
Concept of FUJITAYA BnB is [Bike and Yoga].
One of the main goals of the hotel is to give guests a chance to stay with those who have a interest in the outdoors and health care and experience these things.
We have Bike tour, Yoga class and etc...
If you have interest, please feel free to ask us.

Your room is private room.
Shared space are shower room, washstand, toilet, kitten and common area.

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京都市下京区西七条北西野町 و京都府 واليابان

Located in Center of Kyoto. You can go by bus anywhere.

الاستضافة بواسطة Masa

انضم في يونيو 2018
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Hello! I am MASA and LOVE traveling! In 2006, I traveled around the world for 12 month and had amazing time! I met many broad-minded people with a great sense of hospitality. It was a life-changing experience for me. I decided to create the guesthouse like I enjoyed so much when I go back. We are looking forward to meeting you and have a great time with you! Our amazing staff try our best that you enjoy in Kyoto! Guesthouse “FUJITAYA”, since my last name is FUJITA and the suffix -YA at the end means a house or shop, in Japanese. You may experience Japanese culture while also getting to know your fellow world travelers. Takoyaki (ball-shaped fried octopus) making party, sake-tasting party, or sushi-rolling party… We invite you to participate in these gatherings and other guests, We are more than happy to offer you good recommendations for your plans when you are thinking of weekend/daily trips outside of the city of Kyoto. I think that the longer you stay here, the more you can feel the “real” Japan. It is our pleasure to have you stay here at FUJITAYA! See you at FUJITAYA Kyoto! Masamitsu Fujita Founder of FUJITAYA
Hello! I am MASA and LOVE traveling! In 2006, I traveled around the world for 12 month and had amazing time! I met many broad-minded people with a great sense of hospitality. It wa…

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Staff will be in reception 8 am - 8 pm who help you if you have some question.
Sometimes we hold Takoyaki party, Hot pot party and etc.. to communicate with other guests. contact us if you have interest it.
  • رقم البوليصة: قانون التجارة للفتادق والنزل | 京都市医療衛生センター | 京都市指令保医セ第64号
  • لغات: English و日本語
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