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A haven for artists and for people who love being immersed in nature and in silence. The cottage is located 10 km from Noto, 450 meters above sea level on the Hyblaean hills, surrounded by dry stone walls and the Mediterranean maquis. From the veranda, you can enjoy a unique and wonderful view of the Southern most tip of Sicily, with the Mediterranean Sea on the right and the Ionian Sea on the left.

To reach the cottage from the main road, go along about 400 meters of scenic dirt road, stable as it was carved into the rock. We recommend a small or medium-sized car, such as Fiat Panda or Fiat 500. The cottage was built according to green and sustainable principles: our rooftops solar panels power the house lights, small appliances, Wi-Fi, and plugs to recharge mobile phones and laptops. Large appliances, such as the washing machine and the hairdryer, are powered by a generator. The cottage is equipped with a gas absorption refrigerator. As we are not connected to the national electricity grid, the beautiful views from the house are unobstructed by utility poles. I have one very friendly and caring medium-sized dog and 3 cats.

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The cottage is completely immersed in nature. What makes this place special is the power and beauty of the Sicilian landscape that surrounds it, with dry stone walls, thyme, sage and rosemary bushes, and olive and carob trees. Peace and tranquility make this place an ideal getaway for those who want to switch off and regenerate their body and soul.

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  1. انضم في يناير 2018
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Sono amante dell'arte e di tutto ciò che è bellezza, per questo ho scelto di vivere in Sicilia: un'isola meravigliosa dov'è arte, storia, cultura e natura formano un unicum di straordinaria bellezza. Da 17 anni lavoro nel settore turistico e sono responsabile accoglienza e relazioni con la clientela di un hotel 4 stelle, una antica masseria siciliana. Le relazioni umane basate su rispetto, empatia e lealtà hanno fondato e formato tutta la mia vita. I love art and beauty in all its forms, and for this reason I chose to live in Sicily: a wonderful island where art, history, culture and nature come together in a unique blend of extraordinary beauty. I have been working in tourism for 17 years, and currently work as Guest Relations Manager at a 4-star hotel, an ancient Sicilian farm, where I am responsible for welcoming guests and ensure their pleasant and comfortable stay. Human relationships based on respect, empathy and loyalty have founded and shaped my entire whole life.
Sono amante dell'arte e di tutto ciò che è bellezza, per questo ho scelto di vivere in Sicilia: un'isola meravigliosa dov'è arte, storia, cultura e natura formano un unicum di stra…

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My house is just a few meters away, so I can provide assistance at any time for any requirement with the utmost respect for privacy.

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