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My place is located in a small quiet and super safe compound, but right at the big street.
Walking distance to a plaza with a supermarket in the basement, several restaurants and a cinema on the 4th floor. Several ATM’s can be found at the plaza as well. There is a busway stop right in front of the compound, while other public transportation is easy to find at the main street.

The biggest room in a spacious house with many open public spaces. It has a bathroom outside shared with another room, an A.C. , cupboard , bed, bed sheets, pillows, curtains and a side table.
There is a kitchen downstairs with a fridge, stove, water dispenser and a microwave. There is also a ping pong table downstairs and the front porch has space to sit down and relax.
The room is light, clean and cozy. The place will feel like your second home abroad.

The space is great for families or people wanting to explore the city. Only 30-40 mins from the airport and close to areas such as Senayan, Sudirman, SCBD and Tanjung Duren.

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Jakarta Barat Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta إندونيسيا

The greatest thing about the place is how quiet the alley/compound is, but also how near to the main road. Making it great to relax and easy to get around.
Its rare in Jakarta to be able to walk to necessities but our place enables you to do just that. The busway with a stop right in front can bring you to the big malls in the west (Taman Anggrek (ice skating ring inside), Central Park (outdoor park inside) and Neo Soho (aquarium inside) or to the other side straight to Kuningan/Sudirman (the main shopping areas in central and south Jakarta). The 3 big malls are only 2 stops away, meaning only 5 mins by bus. If going by taxi it will take you max 10 mins. There is a traditional market at the back of the house (3 mins walk) and Starbucks is right across the street (5 mins walk).

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Me (Dutch, speak Dutch/English fluently and intermediate in Bahasa/German/French), my wife (Indonesian but fluent in English) and my mother in law (Indonesian, speaks basic English and fluent in Bahasa) will be open to interact with anybody but will keep you in peace if you prefer so.
We can give you tips how to get to places, fun things to do, best restaurants/clubs/cafes in town etc.
Me (Ralph) and my wife (Vina) often travel around the world, using Airb&b mostly on our trips. We are excited to meet guests from all over the world and maximise their time in Jakarta.
Me (Dutch, speak Dutch/English fluently and intermediate in Bahasa/German/French), my wife (Indonesian but fluent in English) and my mother in law (Indonesian, speaks basic English…
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