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These eco cottages are situated in the misty hills of Ella hide away from all the busy town limits but still few minutes away from all the attractions. This is the ideal place for you to sit back and relax for a while in your journey.. We offer two differently made eco cabanas with separate entrance for each cabana. Every cabana is equipped with hot water and a fridge and the property includes a small restaurant with sitting area just for our guests

The property comes with sitting areas and hammocks around the garden and a restaurant with a small lounge.
we will light up the fire place in the evening for you to sit around and chat if you like to.
Both cabanas comes with king size beds and wooden floors for extra comfort and each cabana has a small patio facing the paddy fields where you can get up to a bird chipping dew filled good morning

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Passara UP سريلانكا

The property is situated in a private land of mine, me and my family live 50 meters away from the property. we are just one bell ring away from you for anything. ( You will know what i mean when you get here)

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  1. انضم في يوليو 2018
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Hello! I'm Bole

This place is a result of a idea I had for a long time in my mind.

My mission was to build a place that is environmental friendly & peaceful at the same time, Hence the name "Moksha", it means Inner Peace in Buddhism.

Now i get to share this life long dream with y'all where you can come and stay in a nature setting, get up to bird chipping misty and dew filled morning where you can forget the busy everyday life and lay low for a while.

I'm a easy person not expecting much from the world just good vibes .
We can have a good time sharing and chatting around a fire or i can leave you to yourself it's up yo you

Hope to see you someday.

Hello! I'm Bole

This place is a result of a idea I had for a long time in my mind.

My mission was to build a place that is environmental friendly & peacef…
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