Tigh Beag on the Bras D'or

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Our Tigh Beag (little house in Gaelic) invites you to unplug and unwind. Enjoy reconnecting with nature and with yourself at our secluded, three acre, four season, waterfront home on the Bras D’Or lake (the largest inland salt water lake in the world).

Nestled amongst mature trees, our three bedroom house is a short drive to world class golf and within a day’s drive to many of the best seasonal attractions Cape Breton has to offer.

Completely private and accessible year round, visitors can quench their thirst with our spring fed well water while watching the sun set over the Bras D’Or from the kitchen table.

Get back to basics as you walk or snowshoe the rustic path to the beach. Marvel at the wildlife. Surrender your self to the healing powers of the salt air. Be awed by the Milky Way. Let the silence envelop you as you drift off to sleep.

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7 ليالي في St. George’s Channel

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St. George’s Channel نفوفا سكوشيا كندا

Our house is available year round and is located in St. George’s Channel, half way between St. Peter’s and Port Hawkesbury.

As detailed in our Guide Book, we are within a day’s round trip drive to The Fortress Louisbourg, Miners Museum, Highland Village, Cabot Links Golf, Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Gaelic College, Glenora Distillery, local vineyards, and many other attractions.

‘Chase The Waterfalls’ is a new initiative and a fun way to see the island. See our guide book for more about how to be a part of it.

The world famous Cabot Trail is also accessible and can be driven round trip within a day back to our cottage. The trip requires a full day.

Celtic Colours is one of many music festivals that takes place on the island, and we are perfectly situated for easy access to the many venues.

There is a lot to see and do in Cape Breton. We are situated in a convenient stopping point for folks heading on to North Sydney via the scenic route to board the ferry to Newfoundland.

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We are travelers and vacation lovers who are proud to own a little bit of Cape Breton and happy to share our Tigh Beag with considerate, responsible guests.

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We are available via email, text or phone and usually respond within the hour.

Our goal is a 5 star review so please reach out with questions or concerns.
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