Riverloft Kabani, Wayanad, Kerala

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Overlooking the Kabani river, Riverloft is aptly placed for a thorough nature experience. Suitable for any group of upto 5 members maximum. The cottage has one room with a loft, a balcony and a private bathroom. The lower bed can accommodate upto 3 people and the attic/loft bed upto 2. Children will enjoy the variety in the mixed farm and the thrill by the river. Could do your fishing too. Adults can enjoy a relaxed day on the hammock with their book and coffee. A game of cards on the cozy attic, an evening drink on the balcony and barbecue by the campfire with your loved ones, will surely complete the experience.

Cottage is within a fenced 2 acre farm. You may leave aside worries of how secure the place is. Cheers.

Riverloft is situated in a 2 acre mixed farm by the banks of the river Kabani. As the name suggests, we have one room with a cozy attic, balcony overlooking the Kabani river and a private bathroom. We grow, coffee, pepper, nutmegs, areca nuts, coco nuts including other spices, vegetables, fruits and rice. The farm is situated by the road side, providing ease of access. Right across where we are is a 300 acre paddy farming collective, which provides year round occupation for the numerous tribal villages surrounding it. Walking through these fields and among the tribals, gives a real world feel of the life and culture of Wayanad.
The elaborate Kerala cuisine, the tribal traditions and local handicrafts add to the flavour of your stay here. Leave it to us to plan your experience here.
I personally love sitting by my campfire in the night here taking in the chill which settles during the night.

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Mananthavady Keralav الهند

We are close to Tholpetty and Muthanga Wildlife sanctuaries, which is home to a variety of animals including the Tiger. These sanctuaries further extend into the Rajiv Gandhi Tiger reserve which was set up under the Project Tiger.
Unlike other places, Wayanad is not a single place, its an entire district. There are a host of places to visit which will "awe" you and for the more adventurous, there are a host of activities including very interesting treks and cycling trails. Kuruva Islands, Banasura Sagar Dam, Meenmutty Waterfalls, Karalad Lake, E3 Theme Park, Muneeswarankunnu, Kurumbalakkota, etc are among other attractions nearby.

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Love to travel, bike and explore. I am also a host, currently settled in the beautiful hill district of Wayanad in Kerala.

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