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This converted church-home is built as an up-down duplex and this booking of the "Sanctuary" space is the upper unit. It is a private, self-contained home with a separate entrance, private bath, and a loft bedroom as well as exclusive use of the 3-pc bath, kitchen, dining room and living room. We are approximately 10 min south of the Hwy 401. Our community is small and neighbourly and there is a variety store 3 min down the road. We personally live in the lower unit of this duplex.

We bought this home from the Anglican Diocese of Huron in 2012 and spent years converting this church into our home. We tried our best to respect the character of this building and many of our design choices send a nod to the spiritual history that took place over the years. There is a peaceful feeling when you walk in and we invite you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Many thanks to Rob who gifted us with photos of our home during his stay here!

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7 ليالي في Brownsville

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Brownsville أونتاريو كندا

We live in a small hamlet with only 34 homes and very friendly neighbours. Our village is surrounded by farm land and animal barns and our home fronts on the back street of town, so it is a quiet place to rest.

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We are a low-key couple who enjoy taking day trips. We love going to walks to explore the area and are always up for checking out unique shoppes and restaurants.

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Our home is set up like an up/down duplex. The "Sanctuary" is the upper unit and our personal rooms are in the lower unit. The Sanctuary is for your exclusive use, but should you need anything please call or text to get in touch with us, or come downstairs to say hi. Our bedroom as well as a second kitchen is located in the basement, and we often have other Airbnb guests staying with us in our lower level guest rooms.
Our home is set up like an up/down duplex. The "Sanctuary" is the upper unit and our personal rooms are in the lower unit. The Sanctuary is for your exclusive use, but should you n…

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