雲町屋 水影閣 KumoMachiya Suieikaku

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Area: 160 Square meters

أشياء أخرى يجب ملاحظتها
1. For your convenience, please inform us your arrival time in advance a week.
2. Guest needs to submit ID picture and fill in check-in form.
3. As Machiya was made by wood, smoking (include electric cigarette) is NOT ALLOWED either indoor or outdoor. If you are not following the rules will be fined JPY1000, please DO NOT bring back the butt, and each butt will be fined JPY1000. You will be fined whole day room charge (according to the on day rate) if the strongly smoke influence with next group of guest stay.
4. The walking stairs are the feature of the Japanese traditional house, so please hold the wheel when you walking up and down.
5. Please be quiet to avoid disturb your neighbor.
6. Please take off your shoes. Please do not put the suitcase or heavy goods on tatami, you may pay the compensation if it leaves a trace or damaged.
7. The toilet paper is soluble and please throw it into the toilet bowl directly. Garbage no need to separate
8. For guests come with children and senior people, please note that the house is an old Japanese house with all the antique doors are made of Japanese washi, please treat them with special care.
9. Please pay attention to the decorations in the house, if damaged, compensation will be paid.
10. We will prepare bedding according to the people number of the reservation. Please make sure it is correct before your arrival. If you need to add extra beds after arriving, we will charge service fee

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Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi Kyōto-fu اليابان

الاستضافة بواسطة Kumo Machiya

  1. انضم في أبريل 2017
  • 378 تقييمًا
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雲町屋,由热爱京都自然美、历史、传统文化和生活方式的年轻人共同创立,旨在保护传统、传承历史和交流文化。我们将老町屋和町屋风格的老房子买下,使用最新科技进行改建,使房子在保持历史感和传统风情的同时,又有现代生活的舒适和便利。雲町屋为全世界的朋友提供一个在京都寄放身体和精神的小小场所,让我们带您感受古色百年町屋,品味京都四季。希望京都所传承的底蕴和无形的魅力,成为您安顿心灵的良方。 Kumo Machiya's established by a group of young people who adore the history, traditional culture, life style and natural beauty of Kyoto and aim to preserve its cultural heritage and enhance cultural communications for future generations. We acquire and renovate old machiyas and Machiya styple Japanese houses into beautifully modern luxurious stays while keeping the historical heritage and original structure.

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  • Kumo Machiya

أثناء إقامتك

Please inform us about your estimate arrival time one day before your arrival, if you
-Arrive before 3pm, please go to our office to do the quick check in and store your luggage, we will deliver to your guesthouse before 8pm for free
-Arrive after 3pm, please provide all of the guest’s passport first page and visa page picture (full page clear) as the registered. The lock code will be send around 3pm after we received all the passports picture, and then you may go to the guesthouse directly.

We provide Housekeeping service each three days, include: change the used towels, collect garbage (no need to separate), do some simple cleaning (without any special situation), request a deep cleaning will be charged. Please let us know at least upon your arrival if you don’t need Housekeeping service

Check-out (11am Kyoto time)
Please make sure nothing left, close the door and window, turn off the AC and floor heating before you leave.

Luggage storage after check-out(valuable, fragile and putrescible cannot be storage)
-Please send the luggage to our office, we will keep them until 6:30pm for free
-We provide paid service, we will transfer the luggage to the office and keep them until 6:30pm

Late check-out
Please must be inquiry before 11am on the day before check out day if you can have a late check-out.
Please inform us about your estimate arrival time one day before your arrival, if you
-Arrive before 3pm, please go to our office to do the quick check in and store your lugga…

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  • رقم البوليصة: قانون التجارة للفتادق والنزل | 京都市医療衛生センター | 京都市指令保医セ第68号
  • لغات: 中文 (简体) وEnglish و日本語
  • معدل الاستجابة: 100%
  • وقت الاستجابة: خلال ساعة
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