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Experience the peace and beauty of rural Ghana in this eco-friendly guest house. Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, unplug, unwind. This is an ideal place to relax after doing a lot of traveling, and to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Rooms can be rented individually or the complete house can be rented for groups of up to 8 persons. Alternative camping and communal cottages also available. Prices listed are for individual rooms. Rental of the entire house must be negotiated.

On the eastern slopes of the Volta river you have a most beautiful sunset and river view. The peace of this place is contagious. From the morning symphony of birds to the evening call of crickets, you will feel so completely blissful. Remember Siddhartha meditating on the river? This is it. The facility is completely solar run with alternative water supplies.
The compound is approximately 5 acres of land and has a local chop bar, vegetarian cafe with daily specials, library, music studio and martial arts classes. Soon to come are natural pool and sweat lodge. Stroll through the orchards and see the different trees, flowers and plants surrounding us.

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Akosombo إيسترين ريجين غانا

The Akwamufie road is approximately 6.5 km of lush greenery alongside the Volta river. It is about 3 km to the Atimpoku roundabout, and 4 km to the Akwamufie village. Both are tranquil, delightful walks where you might see African bell and kingfisher birds, kapok and baobab trees, and meet friendly people walking to their homes, work or farms.

الاستضافة بواسطة Harriet

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We are a couple of artists who do many things in between. Kwaku is a builder by profession and Harriet is a midwife by profession. We both adore nature and spend as much time in her as possible, which is always possible on 5+ acres of land. We have spent many years planting and caring for the trees and flowers growing on our land. We are both science fiction/ fantasy fans, in reading and films. We envision a world where all can live in harmony not only with each other, but with our surroundings as well.
We are a couple of artists who do many things in between. Kwaku is a builder by profession and Harriet is a midwife by profession. We both adore nature and spend as much time in he…

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We are available 24 hours and live next door to the guest house.
  • لغات: English وFrançais وEspañol
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