Lavie En Rose #4-1 - A cozy modernly studio

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LA VIE EN ROSE is located in the expat area of Danang city which is 10 minutes to walk to My Khe beach. It is optimized to enjoy the gorgeous, beatiful beach and many restaurants and spas.
★★★In the morning if you need to find a great place to grab the BREAKFAST (Banh mi - Bread, noodle- Pho, Bun Cha,...) and coffee, we will show you many famous place for these.

This apartment is almost brand-new because we always maintain to keep it clean everyday. It is designed by the western style mixed with the traditionally-eastern furniture. The space is well-organized. With the reasonable size compared to other same apartments, it is roomy and airy which would create the feeling of coziness and make tenants feel like home.
Here they are equipped from famous brands of Kludi, Hafele, Malloca... to the interior furniture made from natural wood which will never occur the moist, bad smell caused by the poor quality of artifical wood.
It takes only 5 mins to walk the gorgeous beach at the end of Ho Xuan Huong str, on the way of bus routine of Hue-Danang-Hoian, many supermarkets around, many options for gyms and yoga class as well as restaurants along the beach..... The area is fairly quiet and secure on day or at night.
In Lavie En Rose, in addition to the usual European-standard amenities, there are other facilities such as laundry. You can manually wash and dry clothes quickly with equipment from the leading Spanish home appliance maker FAGOR. With 15 different wash modes, make sure your clothes are always in the best condition after washing. And with the intelligent drying method from FAGOR, you do not have to worry when the weather suddenly switches to rain. All wrapped up in our comfortable laundry room.
In addition, when you feel bored with cool air of air conditioning, you can go up the terrace to comfortably breathe fresh air with a space extremely cute decoration, guaranteed to bring you the really relaxing feeling.
1. LOCATION: The building is located in a new expat area, so there is a little construction going on this area. But it is guaranteed not to affect your stay anymore.
2. Elevator: There is an elevator inside the building and it is accessible for the disability. But there is not enough accessories for the disability according to the standard.
★ 1st FLOOR (GROUND): the gate, parking lot for bikes, lobby, and an onebedroom apartment.
★ 2ND FLOOR: Front view studio #2-1 and two oneperson studios #2-2 ; #2-3
★ 3RD FLOOR: Front view studio #3-1 and an onebedroom apartment #3-2
★ 4TH FLOOR: Front view studio #4-1 and an onebedroom apartment #4-2
★ 5TH FLOOR: Laundry room including two washers and a dryer – free of charge.
3. NO BUGS, MOSQUITOS in the house. However, for such a tropical climate in Danang, you sometimes see mosquitos on the rooftop from the gardens and surrounding green areas or cockroaches are flying (they are specially attracted by the light on rooftop). They might come into the bedrooms if you open the doors/windows. Don’t forget to CLOSE the doors/windows carefully when you are outside to prevent mosquitos coming into the bedrooms. BUG REPELLENT is provided if you need but it never hurts to bring your own. The mosquitoes really do not get that bad but their presence increases after a hard rain especially in rainy season and the twilight hours. You should also clean up after yourself with foods after finishing the meal. Perhaps, you and we do not also expect to see any ants here, right?

4. NO SPICES available in the kitchen for its cleanliness. If you plan on cooking please kindly buy them from the nearest supermarket and clean up after yourself.

5. WIFI is not available on the ROOFTOP due to big obstacles. Thanks for your understanding this issue.

8. SAFETY. The apartment is itself a part of the building where other tenants are living and is fully installed security camera systems. Therefore its all doors should be closed when you go out in order to keep your room private.
9. NOISES. You might hear the door closing from the units next to yours. But it rarely does happen, because there are not many tenant living in the building. Adding that, there is usually a sound of whistle from the military camp in the early morning (5:00am to 6:00am) and it only exists for 2 minutes. Sometimes, the neighborhoods could do some repairs at their house, then there is a little unexpected noises from that.

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We are living nearby so please message us anytime (via phone, , viber, any IM ...) We are here to assist and make your stay most enjoyable. Assisting in Danang information, renting motorbikes, booking tickets or tours We also provide an online map of local recommended street foods, restaurants, entertainment...You can explore Danang like a local!
We are living nearby so please message us anytime (via phone, , viber, any IM ...) We are here to assist and make your stay most enjoyable. Assisting in Danang information, renting…
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