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Come be our guest in our village home near Bondo Kenya. As is tradition in our Luo tribal culture, our house is located together with other houses of our extended family so you will never be bored or alone. Roosters herald in the new morning, and Kenyan tea with bread will start your day.

Your bedroom has a comfortable mattress, mosquito netting, and power to recharge your devices. The toilet facility is a ventilated pit latrine (outhouse) which smells much better than the ones without the vent. In the shower you will use a basin of warm water to soap up and rinse off, and if you don’t know how we are happy to give you a lesson. We provide bottled water (one large container) for drinking.
Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the village lifestyle (Majiwa Village), pumping water from the well, milking the cows, starting a fire in the 3 stone cooker, and asking us about tribal traditions such as paying dowry and wife inheritance.
We can also arrange (separate fees) for lunch or dinner at the house and laundry service.

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Siaya كينيا

From our home you have easy access to Bondo with the estate and museum for Oginga Odinga (one of our countries founding fathers),we are near Barrack Obama’s ancestral home (we can arrange for a visit to President Obama’s Grandmothers house), and Siaya town. Kisumu town has the Impala Sanctuary, the Kisumu museum with traditional houses with thatched roofs, and lots of shopping for crafts and textiles. We can arrange for a daily local guide if you wish.

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Since this is an extended family compound, there is always someone around. Everyone but the small children speak English, and we are happy to tell you stories of life in the village or take you on a walk to visit the neighbors.
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