Ayaad, Kumbhalgarh.

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موقف سيارات مجاني
يعد هذا المكان أحد الأماكن القليلة في المنطقة التي يتوفر بها موقف سيارات مجاني.


يتضمن كل حجز حماية مجانية ضد إلغاءات المضيف، وعدم دقة المعلومات الواردة في إعلان المسكن، والمشاكل الأخرى مثل الصعوبة في تسجيل الوصول.
تمت ترجمة بعض المعلومات تلقائيًا.
Tucked in the heart of Aravalis, 25 kms from Kumbhalgarh fort, Ayaad's colony for senior citizens offers a complete natural and eco-friendly experience. We have an organic farm, a community kitchen, library and offer cooking classes, option for camping, treks and nature walks. This place offers a complete experience to tune into your inner self and treat your senses. We encourage people of all age groups, genders and communities to visit and contribute to our social endeavour.

One cottage with a bedroom, drawing room, one bathroom, kitchen and verandah, balcony and a private lawn.
One Camping tent which can easily sleep 5-6 adults. There are 2 common bath cum toilets for occupants of the tent.
Two other cottages where larger groups can share accommodation with the hosts. Both these cottages have one bedroom, one living room (where extra beds can be arranged), one bathroom, kitchen and a verandah/balcony.

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1 سرير مزدوج و1 مرتبتان أرضيتان و1 مهدان
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1 سرير مزدوج و1 سرير أريكة
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1 مرتبتان أرضيتان

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واي فاي
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فناء أو بلكونه
الفناء الخلفي
يسمح توصيل الأمتعة
غير متاحة: جهاز إنذار أول أكسيد الكربون
غير متاحة: جهاز إنذار للكشف عن الدخان

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Ayaad campus is located on a small hill, which ensures a flowing breeze throughout.
It is large enough for guests to explore and spend time in the organic garden, or interact in the community spaces.
Our dogs are friendly and will always escort you, leaving you feeling safe and welcome.
The cow and her calf ensure availability of fresh dairy products.
Every morning a walk through the organic farm and collecting the vegetables to be cooked or fruits to be consumed gives an exciting and refreshing start to the day.

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Travelling is my passion and I love to interact with local people, foods, society and cultures. I appreciate environment friendly attributes in establishments. My endeavour is to support local community based travel.

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Guests are welcome to interact with the owners. We are always happy to answer any queries about itineraries, or suggestions about the cottages.
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    لم يتم الإبلاغ عن جهاز إنذار للكشف عن الدخان إظهار المزيد

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